Postcard From Schleswig 4

This is a vignette more than a postcard. I did see these two in Schleswig, on the way west.

Facelift, original.

We stopped in a supermarket and I thought to stock up on provisions: some JJ Darboven coffee and German-market Aperol which is 15% rather than 11%. In the carpark I noticed an early series 1 Peugeot 406 and a Series 2.

The Series 1 lamps have a curious relation to the crease or feature line between them, on the bootlid. There is a slight disjunction so that the boot looks ill-matched. It’s just enough of a discontinuity to be noticeable and not enough to be decisive; shades of a last minute change.

The glitch disappeared on the facelift (left in photo) and it gained a body-colour plastic dividing strip which doesn’t look enough like the bodywork to fool one into thinking the lamps are positioned from inside the boot. I don’t like either version and these little details are where Peugeot revealed their curious lack of experience with handling their own design.

The series 1 406 had some cheerfully busy fabrics for the seats: in 1995 grey was matched to bright secondary colours in a way that would only be acceptable on C-class family hatches 5 years later, and only on superminis today (if that). In other words, the 1995 406 had fabrics that were more vibrant and cheerful than is accepted on even small cars today.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “Postcard From Schleswig 4”

  1. They have become very rare around here. Chances would be slim to see two of them in the same spot. What I did see yesterday, however, was a 406 and a 306 on the same parking lot – the parking lot that is used by the guys collecting cars for exportation to eastern Europe. In some weeks, they might be featured on a postcard from Bulgaria…
    I pass this parking lot every day on my way to work, and sometimes it’s really sad to see all the everyday cars from the 90s and early 00s disappering from our streets.

  2. I must admit I’d never noticed that tweak in the boot pressing before. Having gone back and compared both, I can’t say I find the fault with the original that Richard does, even if the facelift pressing is technically more refined. I do agree that the facelift is totally ruined by the tail-lamps, which are a real change-for-change’s-sake job and foreshadowed much worse to come.

    With that said, I will concede the facelifted version’s revised edge between the bootlid lip and the bumper tidies up one of the least appealing aspects of the original 406.

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