Micropost: Alfa Romeo Giulia Has No Rear Centre Armrest Shock

Even the top-of-the-range AR Giulia has no rear centre armrest.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

This is the Quadrifoglio version with a 6-cylinder engine and Brembos all around. An absent rear centre arm-rest is a characteristic of cars from two classss down costing a quarter of the Alfa’s asking price.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

13 thoughts on “Micropost: Alfa Romeo Giulia Has No Rear Centre Armrest Shock”

  1. It seems that some do and some don’t, for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.

    Great-looking car though. I know DtW has it in for FCA, but I think the Giulia is a bit of a triumph.

    1. DTW is critical of FCA. I think this actually out of some regard for the brands though. This makes it different from criticism of Opel/Vauxhall which (in general) is never meant in a helpful way. Rover had the same experience. People who liked the brand were vexed by the decision-making.

      About the design: it’s not modern. It’s not old-fashioned either. It would not have raised eyebrows if it been sold in 2010. The same goes for quite a few new cars now.

    2. Thanks Richard, I am being facetious of course. I know that criticism comes from a place of love (and, perhaps, a disliking of Macaroni’s gauche ways).

      The styling of the Giulia is pretty generic premium compact sedan. But, in my view, it’s done well, with good proportions and just about the optimum width and length. Such cars should be able to carry 4 adults in comfort, a 5th if necessary, plus a few suitcases. The Giulia is exactly as big as it needs to be and no bigger.

      I’ve not driven one yet but apparently the driving position is sound. The cabin looks good and sometimes features a rear arm rest. The platform is stiff but relatively light. And it has a carbonfibre propshaft. This is not as cool as a transaxle gearbox, but it’s still cool.

      Compared to the current Maserati sedans, which in my view are very disappointing, the Giulia is terrific. Compared to the inevitable German competition, it seems competent enough but, crucially, it has more charm.

      Of course it’s not perfect. But I quite like it.

  2. I can live without a rear armrest. The lack of any kind of folding rear seat in the 156 sedan was a real annoyance, though.

    Having now seen the Giulia in the flesh, I still think the front end is rather weak and a little overdone, but the profile and rear have just enough individuality to make it stand out more than the press photos suggest. I don’t think it is a true design classic but by the contemporary standards of the class it’s quite good. With that said, I agree with the historic DTW consensus that the QV is the weakest version aesthetically. In particular, the unaligned pipes look stupid, and the carbon trim in the cabin rather desperate and try-hard. Stick with the cheapies for best results. I saw what I think was a basic or mid-range model with some parchment-coloured leather and attractive wood trim and that was pleasant enough, bordering even on desirable.

    1. My view is that a four-seater saloon needs a rear centre arm-rest if it supposed to carry a third and fourth person any distance. By right this should apply to every four-seater car. It should always apply to the C-D class and especially if they want to be seen to cover the basics. An absent rear centre armrest was understandable in cheaper Renaults, Vauxhalls and Fords in 1983; today it’s beyond the pale.

  3. Is there anything more redundant in a car than a rear armrest? I can’t remember the last time I used one.

    1. The same for me.
      But wait… I’ve not been in the back of a car for a long time anyway. My rear passengers often use this feature.

    2. Hi: I find my rear passengers (parents, colleagues, children) seem to like them and I use them in taxis. It makes me feel presidential in a small way.

    3. My mother in law is a great fan of this armrest. She insists on using it, because otherwise her husband has the tendency to lean towards the middle of the car and peek through the windscreen, which she absolutely dislikes.

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