Micropost: NEVer Mind the Botox

It’s been a while since we reported on NEVS. How goes it in the netherworld?

Image: NEVS via Saabsunited

Recently, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) released official images of the ‘forthcoming’ 9-3 and 9-3X EV’s based on the decade-old former Saab bodyshell. These images, shown on SAABSunited.com appear to show both models in production specification, demonstrating if little else, that hope really does spring eternal.

My intention was to write something, I don’t know, mildly satirical perhaps, but I now realise that I simply don’t care. In fact, I refuse to dignify these images with any commentary whatsoever, merely present them for your perusal. Make of them what you will, I’ve got better things to be doing with my Sunday.

Image: See above

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

10 thoughts on “Micropost: NEVer Mind the Botox”

  1. When I read the title I thought of the other Nev’s ( neighbourhood electric vehicle) the low speed device used for visiting friends or running errands within a speed restricted residential area as sold in America.
    Having not researched I’m wondering if this class of vehicle is still on the market since the proliferation of full size electrics from main stream manufacturers.
    Is “National Electric” Swedens power generation supplier?

    1. Do these American neighbourhood electric vehicles stand in for bicycles and walking? In Denmark I occasionally see (old) people in small, single-person wheeled, enclosed vehicles that remind me of Daleks. They are used in small town suburbs.

  2. I believe what you describe are single seat mobility devices for sidewalk or pedestrian areas which replace walking while the Nev’s are for speed restricted Street use and can be two or four passenger.
    This latter use would supplement biking.
    I have seen one example in the UK of a two seat side by side configuration sidewalk mobility EV which makes little sense due to the space it requires. Still with pushchair manufacturers producing double and triple wides
    I’m not surprised!

    1. Here you go. To my eyes it looks architecturally similar to the old Saab IP. Cheerful innit?

  3. NEVer has there been so much spilt ink and wringing of hands over some purely imagined paradise on wheels by people so divorced from reality that they thought SAAB was a decent car. The later ones were Opels, obsessively reworked by SAAB engineers to their version of nirvana, such that lack of profitability was guaranteed. The cars were ridiculously overpriced here, and granted magical powers that did not exist. Then all the whiners complained it was all GM’s fault for closing the place down, but whose real mistake was in not dumping the brand much earlier, or at least making the engineers come to heel. GM lost money hand over fist on that SAAB nightmare by not being a good deal more forthright with their employees as to who bailed them out and who was propping up their livelihoods.

    Complete loads of rubbish divorced from reality (but with that mad Dutchman banging the drums to cop a few bucks off the itself bankrupt GM to keep the mindless happy as a few examples of the world’s best car ever trickled off the assembly line( were expended worldwide. It was such a monumental cock-up that otherwise normal people wrote yards of rubbish about SAAB. I got kicked off Saabs United for trying to inject reality to these besotted souls of unreality. I used to head over there for my daily laugh, to see how people with sinecured government jobs could warble away on celestial imaginings that showed they had zero idea of how actual business works.

    That was when I discovered that progressives were just as much nutballs as the social conservatives on the other side of the spectrum. Both have their minds made up and logic shall never intrude, nor shall minds ever change.

    Don’t bother trying to refute me. I’ve seen and read it all before. Literally. I hope Moose enjoys his NEVS electric.

    1. Saab had problems. I am not able to agree they outweighed the cars’ good points. I can’t say much about how Saab’s worked in US conditions but in Europe they were known for comfort and durability especially in Ireland where the old 900 was a popular car with adland and accountants.

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