A Photo for Sunday (Micropost): 2001 Opel Combo

Other sites may concern themselves with exotica and luxury brands.

2001 Opel Combo

Well, we do too but we also have space for bread-and-margarine cars like this 2001-2011 Opel Combo (C). Was this the car that prompted a jealous Mercedes Benz to launch the Vaneo

The Combo dates back to 1986 when Opel used the Kadett E (the aero one, before it became the Astra) as the basis. From the b-pillar back it was a large box. In 1992 Opel based the Combo on the Corsa B. Aft of the b-pillars was a large box. For the 2001-2011 version Opel went the whole hog and gave the car its own doors and a flush two-volume body.

This contrasted with the A and B versions where the cargo volume oblong did not blend smoothly to the body (not unlike the Ford Fiesta Courier). The Combo faced direct competition from the 2002 Ford Transit Connect, based on the Focus platform and, like Combo, designed to look like a bespoke body and not a crude modification.

While most Combos were used to deliver paint, pizzas and packages, Opel spotted demand for a more luxurious passenger version aimed at the leisure market, the Opel Combo Tourer Tramp:

2005 Opel Combo Tourer Tramp: source

This, presumably should have poached sales from the Renault Kangoo (related to the Clio) and Citroen Berlingo, a type of vehicle Opel had not direct answer to (why?).

The current Combo is but a rebadged Fiat Doblo and is made in Turkey.

A similar car to the Combo Tourer Tramp can be had for €1600 here. It’s the only yellow one I could find.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

6 thoughts on “A Photo for Sunday (Micropost): 2001 Opel Combo”

  1. The Opel Combo Tourer Tramp. Unsurprisingly not sold in the UK, where vagrancy is not seen as an aspirational lifestyle. As there was also a Trabant Tramp, I assume that German wage slaves have a sneaking admiration for the free and easy life of the homeless bum.

    I also present this, without comment:

  2. Discovered on the internet, without explanation of any sort.

    West Country registration, so I imagine it’s a sort of bucolic attempt at a Mitsuoka.

    1. It has been rumoured that GM/Opel had considered a LWB version, to be badged ‘Supertramp’ until saner council prevailed…

  3. The prospect of a long journey in the back of one of these would fill me with dread.

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