20 thoughts on “Challenge!”

  1. Looks like a remnant from a from a Renault Clio maybe?? Has a French feel about it… probably way off the mark!

  2. I’m confused, you said it was on a Volvo 760 which is indeed a V6 emgined car so what am I missing here?

    1. Badges are also available on E Bay, probably made in China!

    1. Enough people have got the answer: it’s a jolly Mondeo V6 badge from the Mk1.
      Putting badges from other marques on cars never made sense to me. Who is impressed? Non-car people don’t care and car people will shrug.

  3. The interior photo is to show the closeness of the passenger to the interior corner of the car. Otherwise in good nick, the car’s headliner sagged and so did the map pockets on the front seats. It’s generally a finely made car.

    1. It’s delightful, isn’t it? A big, soft chair and loads of light. My XM has something of this, a real sense of space even if the car is by today’s standard not that big externally.

  4. A badge repurposed from another car is one thing. It’s hardly a surprise that its jauntiness doesn’t quite fit the rest of the Volvo’s aesthetic.

    This, on the other hand, is really unforgivable. It’s off a Bentley Mulsanne. Bentley doesn’t strike me as the sort of brand that does things in italics, or anything informal for that matter.

    1. They may as well have scratched it by hand with a sharp stone. It feels as wrong as a clown’s nose on a supermodel’s better-looking sister.

    2. I covered that particularly nasty font back in the days of TWBCMWBF. It is misplaced as they come.

    3. If they bend tigers, why shouldn’t they also bend fonts?

  5. As an aside, the PRV6 V6 engine in that Volvo is the most pitiful V6 I’ve ever experienced. It’s a horrible 90 degree thing with either uneven firing in early ones, or split crankpins for even firing in later ones. Either way it’s not very smooth, not very powerful, and known for fragility.

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