Name That Car

What is it with DTW’s obscure headlines?

This vehicle stood in a line of oddish cars in a dealership near Wasserburg. The trim didn’t meet my expectations of the make of car it adorned. Does anyone care to hazard a guess as to its identity?

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

24 thoughts on “Name That Car”

  1. Some of the details remind me of late 60’s Mercs or early 70’s. It’s the bump around the door lock knob, the window winder and that piece of fabric covering the cavity left by the pulled down armrest. So I’d say W108, or W115.

    1. Thanks for that. The ashtray is placed incorrectly – too close to where the passenger’s elbow would be. Mercedes placed their one forward and lower. This car has little pockets for oddments (which point makes me wonder, where can you buy oddments now? I mean good quality oddments as opposed to the chintzy, breakable sort?)

    1. As Archie Vicar said “Rootes may not do the inside and outside of cars so well but they are not expensive and work well enough.” So, no, that’s not the required answer. I didn’t think of that. Maybe it’s got a bit of a late-period Simca look?

  2. At first I thought it was an American car, but now I’m thinking some sort of Opel.

    1. Crikey. Initially my worry was that Robertas would enter the fray too early and win. No, it’s not a Taunus.

      Are clues required? Think of maritime wanderers.

  3. Lada Vaz 2103 1500 to be more specific. Your clue confirmed my suspicions as I originally thought Italian noticing the floor covering but having had experience with Ladas couldn’t confirm lada or Fiat until your clue.

  4. Lada 2103, all right, but nobody’s getting out out of the car by that door, because the handle is bust clean orf.

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