We Apologise For the Delay to Your Journey

No, really – it isn’t what it looks like…

Is that sun rising or setting? It’s difficult to be sure. Image: driversmagazine

Welcome to the EMotion Express. Calling all stations via Unfeasible Promise, Inevitable Reversal, Fervent Denial, and Messy Lawsuit. We regret to inform customers that due to essential (re)engineering works a replacement bus service will be in place before passengers can complete their journey to Humiliating Climbdown. Please mind the doors.

I love Henrik Fisker. Not in a ‘I have a poster of him on my wall and I blow kisses to his image every night’ sense, you understand. Not even in a ‘I think he’s wonderful and every utterance is like a breath of sunshine upon my famished soul’ kind of way either. No, I love Henrik Fisker because he provides people like me with so much material to work with.

Image: thinkasq

Recently, we looked at the latest wheeze from the man in the white suit – the appropriately named Fisker Karma. No, hold on, that was the last one. Pity, that would have been perfect. Oh well… Now where was I? Yes, the Fisker Revero. No, that’s not it either. Okay, I’ve looked it up – the Fisker EMotion – I’ll remember it now.

So anyway, we were looking at that and it was good, we felt. So much so in fact that we gave thanks for its goodness, its essential rightness, its sheer Fisker-ness. We couldn’t wait. Of course some cast doubts, aspersions even, but we smiled with righteous pity, for we realised they were in error and we forgave them.

No, it’s not wind powered you fool. Not yet anyway. Image: trazim

However, there have been reports suggesting all is not well on planet Henrik. According to a July 21 Automotive News report, Nanotech Energy Inc have withdrawn from the joint venture with Fisker Automotive to produce graphene-intensive batteries to power the EMotion. This clearly biased media reporting states that both entities remain in ‘friendly’ discussions about future collaboration, but that in the short term at least, conventional batteries will be employed.

Automotive News goes on to suggest the EMotion will now use cylindrical lithium-ion NCM cells for its battery packs, which will be provided by Korean tech giant, LG Chem; similar to those in use by those craven idolators, Tesla. This is being touted as a climbdown by naysayers who wish to discredit Henrik’s enlightenment.

However as clearly stated in the official Fisker Automotive statement, it was Henrik himself who decided to terminate the relationship, because as he sagely pointed out, the technology remains years away from realisation. Graphene is a sideshow. The real action is taking place in flexible solid state, which instead of liquid electrolyte uses a solid core, allowing the battery to be more compact, more stable and capable of higher voltages. It’s just better in every way.

In the meantime, T-shirts are available. Image: Carbuzz

Solid state technology remains between five and seven years from commercial fruition, possibly more, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be downhearted. After all, as Henrik has repeatedly told us, ‘the road is long, with many a winding turn.’ His words, by the way, for which we give continued thanks. Before going on to tell journalists, “We are enhancing and expediting our efforts in solid-state technology and will be announcing our recent developments and partnerships in the near future”, first of which is to be fitted to a planned mass-market car which we can expect to see “ahead of 2025”. I mean, that’s almost tomorrow really, if you think about it.

Meanwhile, deposits are still being taken for the EMotion. Due to unprecedented demand, all 2019 deliveries are already reserved, but if you place your refundable $2000 deposit today, you can expect delivery in 2020. Well, sometime around then. It might be later, but you really won’t see the time going.

Mind the doors. Image: Carbuzz

All is well, shallow ones – you simply have to believe.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

5 thoughts on “We Apologise For the Delay to Your Journey”

  1. I’ve already pre-ordered 88 EMotions, using the money put aside for the little uns’ education.

    1. A wise move if I may say so, good sir. Verily, what do the young ones need with an education anyway. As long as they believe in the way of Henrik, they and their offspring will prosper.

      It may interest you to learn that all customers who order 90 EMotions (or over) are entitled to a complementary Henrik Fisker PCH wristwatch, which “represents Time, Design and Speed and is Swiss made. It exemplifies the Fisker DNA and clones itself on the idea of the Pacific Coast Highway”. All credit cards accepted.

      His words, for which… etc…

  2. This is Henrik Fisker with the inspirational t-shirts? I bet Tesla don’t sell those.

    On a sobererer note, Fisker could have been a studio manager if not a director of design for more than a few new and newish brands. Mattin went to Lada and who knows how many designers with, say, the experience of a car or two managed from sketch to production now work in well-paid positions in China. Fisker opted to try launching his own marque instead. That’s a sign of something… even Elon “Billions” Musk is having a challenge challenging the existing players.

  3. I discovered, by fortune, Your DTW web site in those days. As You can see my English is far from being good. I hope You understand me. I read almost all DTW articles about Lancia, Jaguar, FCA, Maserati etc. what (besides my poor English) made me very happy. Why? I am an admirer, fan of Lancia and Jaguar, also old maseratisti and alfisti. Of course not only. Also many of English and italian cars from ’50 to mid ’80. And not only exots. In case Lancia –period from Ardea to the first Thema but i am mainly focused on Flaminia/Flavia/Fulvia/Beta/Gamma, where Gamma (Berlina as Berlinetta) is my favourite car. I am also very good about knowledge of whole Jaguar history. I wrote many articles about Jaguar on my previous blog in Poland. Yes, i am polish. Mid 50, lived in Poland and partly in Germany. I find it really good that comments about DTW articles are so intreresting too. I have had not all understood but it is always fine to read something on high level about cars that i love. I can not agree with all facts or views on facts about Beta or Gamma in Your articles. I would like to write some comments to this but i know that in going into details my English is far too insufficient. I want to congratulate You about this web site. DTW is worth any penny to pay for. Especially when it is not required .
    I wrote a good dosen articles about Jaguar. About design issues, history and typology of Jaguar badges or alternative history about Sir John Egan and Ford era. I think it could be highly interesting for You as Englishmen to look at other point of view on theme – Jaguar. Unfortunatly it is all in polish.

    1. Khamsin: Thank you for your kind words, we’re very pleased you are enjoying the site. It’s always pleasant to welcome a fellow Lancia & Jaguar admirer to our number. I’d be interested to learn where you disagree with us on the subject of the Gamma. Feel free to leave a comment…

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