6 thoughts on “Micropost: Erratum”

  1. First paragraph solecism (which is probably the work of a half-awake teenage sub-editor) apart, it’s not a bad little piece at all, rather reminiscent of Phil Llewellin’s work. According to Autocar:

    Richard’s automotive awakening came in 1985 when watching Tony Pond’s Metro 6R4 drive between stages from the wall of his primary school playground in the Scottish Borders.

    “He’s partial to Italian cars of the 80s and 90s, with past purchases including a Lancia Beta Coupé and Alfa Romeo 33 16V. He currently owns a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 and is hankering after a cheap Land Rover Defender 90.”

    I can’t help feeling that Vicar and Land-Windermere could have handled a North West 500 assignment with some aplomb…

  2. Whilst conveniently forgetting the original 500 which was released in 1936 and possibly has more in common with this current iteration being four cylinder, front engined and water cooled….

  3. Would it have been theoretically possible for the Fiat 500 to become a rear engine hatchback like the later 1987 Fiat 126p BIS via a flat-mounted engine as in the Fiat 500 Giardiniera?

    Speaking of the Fiat 500, have become quite fascinated by Giannini work on the 500 and 126 including the 16.5 hP 390cc 350 EC and 38 hp 794cc 126 800 GPA, along with the 38-42 hp 698cc 700/4C that unusually was a 4-cylinder created from a pair of 500 Giardiniera engines yet it is not clear if the 700/4C was an actual boxer engine (as mentioned in various non-English sites) or simply known as such from how it was mounted.

  4. ‘Big Car’ has just done a profile of the various 500 models (1930s to the 1970s).

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