A Photo For Sunday: Highlights

Lines: edge lines, shutlines, graphic lines and most elusive of all, highlights. 

Concentrate on the white band of light running from the wheelarch flare, up to the roof and down the A-pillar onward.

Yes, it’s a Nissan Juke which is a polarising car. It’s highlights tell us that the steel pressings are good and the tolerances tight. How? The highlights flow with little interruption across the gaps. I looked at this for several minutes and decided to abandon plans to write about the Almera.

ICEM-Surf highlight tool: ICEM technologies.

Given the complexity of this car’s surface, the CAD modellers must have earned their salaries. The highlight are the confirmation there is good flow from area to area. The modeller has tools to manage this. The curvature can be measured and displayed graphically. Further, the curvature of the highlights can be analysed and shown graphically; at times the designer and CAD modeller will be assessing the curvature of the graphic representation of the highlight which is not even the surface itself. The end result is an effect-light on reflective metal – which has a mesmerising quality of pure æsthetic appeal. After all the technical consideration the outcome is pure “wow” when it comes to the light flow.

More people should get the Juke in black, and it’s not offen I say that. Nissan should sell a neon strip to hang over the owner’s car.  Then they could see the same effect shown above.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “A Photo For Sunday: Highlights”

  1. That is a great picture, and, yes it has caused me to ratchet the Juke up a notch in my estimation. I’m still rather at a loss as to why it sells so well, though.

    1. Thanks. It is fun to drive and correctly priced plus a lot of buyers must like the appearance. It’s not a Fiesta or Corsa or Polo and does everything they do. It’s not perfect, I admit. Yet it does offer some humour and a lot of personalisation options.

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