A Photo For Sunday: 2001-2009 Lancia Thesis

Just one photo: seen in Innsbruck in July.

2001-2009 Lancia Thesis.

A few years back some of these could be found for sale in Denmark. Now they have disappeared. So too have the Vel Satises and Avantimes by Renault.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

11 thoughts on “A Photo For Sunday: 2001-2009 Lancia Thesis”

  1. Still a few around in France, and quite affordable if you don’t mind huge km on the clock — and being the owner of an unsightly giant slug.

  2. Meant to say too that a few Vel Satis around, but Avantime, which I did like, incredibly rare: I see one a year. Have they become collectable, I wonder, and are therefore cosseted to be brought out only forshows? Or were they, like so many Renaults, just so unreliable that everyone gave up?

  3. I think I’ve seen exactly one Citroen C6 with aftermarket wheels fitted. Yet most Thesis/Theses (is that a Partridgism?) appear to have lost their rather attractive brushed aluminium wheels at some point over the past 15 years. Which really says quite a lot about the standing of either car and how they’re cherished (or not).

  4. I have a soft spot for this car, and so enjoyed seeing this. Is it me, or does the front half of the car look a tone or two lighter than the rear half? Or was it just a trick of the (sun)light?

    On alloys, those on my C6 are in various stages of corrosion (funny how they can all be more or less corroded to each other when surely hey were produced at the same time?) and I’m considering options – i.e. replace or renovate? I think that, on the re-facelift cars at least, the Roccastradas are so very authentic to the design that a lot is lost by their replacement by a set of aftermarket jobs. That said, I have seen pictures of one being shown with very nice chrome-effect disks that were very effective. The Roccastradas were replaced late on with a more ‘modern’ and less distinctive design (‘Atlantic’, from memory), but these were shared with the teutonic C5 and so smacked of late in the day half-hearted-ness, something that also afflicted facelift of the original and incredibly influential Bangle 7 Series.

    1. Good point, albeit I think the environmental horse has well and truly bolted regarding the carbon footprint of the C6 😉.

  5. I don’t dislike the Thesis that much. The nose and rear are admirable. It is the passenger compartment, as discussed a lot on here, that overbalances the whole thing. That 3/4 view (always the “money shot” when selling a car) is still a winner.
    It’s amazing that a car which still keeps up, technically, with today’s limos (apart from being underpowered) was halted eight years ago.

    About the rear passenger door looking a different shade, it’s digital photography that detects tiny differences that our eyes are unwilling to see in the flesh. So, when selling, always check before uploading to a sales site, and doing the tedious Photoshopping to eliminate what a prospective buyer will never notice on a real viewing.
    Also, the direction of the light source (eg, the sun) can get the metal in the paint to reflect differently — even seen in the flesh on quite new, and expensive, cars.

    1. I think I could live with the fractionally odd proportions. The rest of the car is pretty much first rate. It’s a sure-future near-classic.

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