A Potato For Sunday

Our item yesterday on the demise of the Citroen C4 made me consider blandness yet again.

2017 Citroen C4

Here’s the car. Despite its many small styling features there’s nothing to focus on. Unlike the Alfa Romeo 164 it suggests nothing more than what is there. Like the Tagora, the car has undynamic proportions, a generic contemporary design which offends no-one except to the extent one considers it a waste of resources.

Citroen didn’t offer an estate version or a 3-door.

In contrast to the Tagora, I don’t know where to begin to remediate the C4 but I suppose I’d start with proportions and detailing.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

2 thoughts on “A Potato For Sunday”

  1. Boring to the extent I find myself scrutinizing the surroundings like the “sand” near the rear wheel which led me to the pavement ( sidewalk) consisting of the same. Then there is the odd post near the front or bike parking racks near the window, obviously somewhere that encourages this mode of transport, or the fact there is dampness on the tarmac but not under the car it certainly hasn’t recently rained or the car would be wet, the photographers blurry profile reflected around the door handle area. aaaaaaarg !

  2. Citroëns are intended to have love or hate designs. when I was in Lyon, I immediately took account of every car that is not sold in Brazil, except for the C4 hatchback – it is so anodyne that it took me one or two weeks to realize it was a car I wasn’t accustomed to. I dare to say the PSA group is the home of the boredom in hatchbacks: the C4, the DS4, the 308 and the Astra are as bland as it gets.

    at least Renault did a good job with the current Mégane, so France is saved.

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