Micropost: Automotive Jargon

While DTW is far from perfect on the sub-editorial front (blame the sherry), we still like to hold others to suitably high-standards.

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In addition to the “front grille”, there is a new piece of automotive jargon to throw into your car-speak. It’s the “rear C-pillar”, a delightful formulation invented by the Irish Times. I feel like grabbing a driver’s steering wheel and heading off now. We will deal with the actual car in due course.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

4 thoughts on “Micropost: Automotive Jargon”

  1. I can forgive the Irish Times their pleonasm; it helps those unfamiliar with “automotive jargon” to understand what is being described, and does so in a verbiage-efficient manner.

    The XC40 is rather an odd looking thing. Is it intended to be the thinking woman’s Renault Captur or MINI Countryman?

    Is so, it ought to do rather well.

  2. I had a read over the article and suspected ‘churnalism’ – a few grace notes added to embroider a press release. I’ve read the IT only rarely, but suspect it’s gone into decline since the glory days of Cruiskeen Lawn.

    If Myles na gCopaleen had lived in our times, and been at all car-minded, he could have done a splendid “Catechism of Cliché” on hackneyed, sub-Clarkson motoring journalism.

    1. It has declined. The arts section is alright. I knew someone who worked there the time they ended special sub-editing. I think sports still has dedicated subbers.
      I have imagined writing my own catechism of cliche. It’d be time-consuming.
      The cost of a car review worth reading must be about £500 assuming a salary and a good few hours to write it.

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