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  1. The Renault is the only one not made in Germany plus it was the only one marketed in the USA.

    On Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 5:00 AM, Driven To Write wrote:

    > Robertas Parazitas posted: “Which is the odd one out? Deutsche Post / DHL > StreetScooter Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Renault Caravelle Wendax WS 750 The > only clue I’ll offer is the Giorgio de Chirico does not feature in the > solution. ” >

    1. This is too obvious to be the answer but the DHL Street Scooter is the odd one in being driven by electricity .

  2. I think it’s to do with railways and that the Caravelle is the odd one out. The StreetScooter started out being built by a rolling stock manufacturer, and the Wendax was built by a company that manufactured railway equipment. The M-B Pullman was named in honour of the luxurious Pullman coach builder. Am I close?

  3. It all depends on your point of view

    The Wendax is the odd man out because it has a two stroke engine and never went in series production

    The Renault is the odd man out because it is French, rear engined and open topped

    The W100 is the odd man out because it’s the only one to have transported heads of state and the Pope.

    The Street Scooter is the odd man out because it’s the only one whose drivers are not allowed to talk about their cars because it is fundamentally unfit for its intended purpose (and yes, that’s because it’s battery powered)

    1. Regarding the DHL delivery van comment do you have factual proof of this? or is it just your opinion .

    2. DHL delivery van drivers complain about (that’s why they aren’t allowed to talk about their vehicles) about
      – the SteetScooter having no heater, let alone air con
      – an operative range of 50 miles/80 kilometres, limiting flexibility on delivery turns
      – acceleration limited to snail’s pace to improve range
      – maximum speed of 50 mph/80 kph. As DHL centres are typically green field sites outside bigger cities an average delivery tour invariably involves some stretches of Autobahn. Doing 80 kph on any Autobahn is to be considered close to intentional suicide (in this case DHL commiting to their drivers’ suicide…)
      That’s why the Mk2 StreetScooter has 100 km operative range and 100 kph top speed – in the future.

  4. That’s why the Mk2 StreetScooter has 100 km operative range and 100 kph top speed – in the future.
    So in fact its not “just because they are battery powered” but first generation and not well planned!

    1. Because the DHL StreetScooter is a commercial vehicle, payload takes absolute precedence.
      Because payload takes precedence you are forced to use a tiny battery if you want to stay within the weight limit for inner city use.
      The tiny battery gives ridiculous operative range.
      To conserve this range you limit energy consumption to the max and omit heater and air con and limit top speed and acceleration to downright dangerous levels.
      All because it’s battery powered.

    2. It’s not because it’s battery powered. But probably because a battery powered vehicle with enough payload, range and comfort would have been more expensive and heavier.

  5. All very interesting. I supposed the lesson is that if you want a van, go to a vanmaker, not to the post office. You wouldn’t ask VAG, Ford, or Renault to deliver your parcels.

    As for the answer to the question, nobody’s – quite – there yet.

  6. Never heard of the Wendax in my entire life as an enthusiast, so to me it’s the odd man out no matter what. The 600 was the chauffeur special for rambling oligarchs and managed both a hydraulic system for doors plus air suspension for the wheels. The Caravelle was commonly found atop snowdrifts in our parts due to no weight on the front end and thus an inability to actually turn on snowy roads.

    The answer is the van because it’s the only one not wearing whitewall tires.

  7. It’s true, but it’s not the answer I was looking for. And whitewalls would set off the Street Scooter nicely.

    1. The convertible as its the only one…. or the fact its facing right.

  8. The answer will be published at 11:59 this evening – unless we have a winner before.

  9. Charles was so nearly there, but for a little more fact searching.

    The Renault Caravelle and Floride were built under a sub-contract from 1958 to 1968 in the Creil factory of Brissoneau et Lotz, a manufacturer of railway locomotives and rolling stock.

    The first batch of StreetScooters were made by Talbot Services GmbH in Aachen. The company has, under various ownerships, produced rolling stick in the city since 1838.

    The Wendax was produced in Hamburg-Hamm from 1950-51 by Draisinenbau Dr. Alpers & Co. KG, a firm founded in 1900, whose main products were draisines and light railway wagons. The WS750 was an appallingly bad car and only 70 were made. The firm never recovered from its ill-considered diversification and went bankrupt in 1955.

    Which leaves the Mercedes-Benz as the odd one out, as it is named after a celebrated type of railway carriage, but was not made in a rolling stock factory.

    1. Dang; if only I’d emailed my brother earlier. He emailed me back with the correct answer last night after I’d already gone to bed! (Specifically, he said “Wendax made draisines, some Caravelle bodies were made by Brissoneau and Lotz, and the DHL prototype was made at the Talbot Railcar Factory! The Mercedes is only related to railroads by its name!”)

    2. Story of my life. Thanks for doing these – finding out about the Wendax was fun.

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