Mystery Vehicle (solved)

Sunday mornings often kick off with a headache.

Any ideas?

Here’s a minor one. What is this vehicle? Either everyone will recognise it or no-one will. I certainly wouldn’t.

If you want another clue you must

look at this:

Daniel got it:

2017 Borgward BX-7:

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

17 thoughts on “Mystery Vehicle (solved)”

  1. That door handle looks like a VAG product, and the dash-to-axle ratio looks FWD.

    Skoda Superb?

  2. It was Jacomo’s reference to the Q5 (of which the BX7 is something of a doppleganger) that got me thinking.

    BTW, can I pay the £5 in Bitcoin? I seem to have acquired some recently…

    1. Is ‘Daniel O’Callaghan’ Irish for ‘Einar Hareide’?

  3. I suspect Mr O’Callaghan designed the car or has a staggering visual cognitive capacity.
    One thing I might do is a survey of C-D pillars. While the current trend for blacked out areas is grating I can understand that there’s only so much you can do to a slanty trapezoid.

    1. Speaking of C-D pillars, IMHO the new Volvo XC40 looks very clumsy and heavy in this area, particularly when the roof is not painted in a contrasting colour. If I were any good with Photoshop (I’m not) I would like to see what it would look like with a straight waistline (and narrower fixed light in the rear door)

      Apologies for deviation…

  4. LOL…I’ve no connection to Borgward, or to the motor industry, just a fascination with automotive design (not that the BX7 is remotely fascinating!)

  5. I’m impressed, nay astonished.

    The car is not exactly inspiring, but the machinations behind Ghoul Borgward are becoming interesting.

    The Isabella EV shown at Frankfurt was impressive, but the news which followed is worrying. Sales have remained static despite the introduction of the more tax-friendly BX5. Beiqi Foton think they have bitten off more than they can chew, and are looking to spread the risk.

    November brought news of the possible sale of all or part of the division to Baoneng, and the Bremen GVZ manufacturing project on hold.

    I’m holding tight. 2018 could be a make 0r break year for Borgward AG…

    1. Are there shades of Qoros here? We are at peak car in Europe. The under 30s are showing less interest in having driver´s licenses. The chances for new brands do not look inspiring.

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