Counterpoint: 8000 Opels for Morocco annually by 2023

To make up for the dreary news discussed in our earlier post, we can report this item.

Here´s one they sold earlier

Opel will export cars to Tunisia and Morocco. It seems to me that it would be a good idea if Opel could have a stab at the markets that GM denied it: Canada, the US and Australia. It might interest you to know that Opel already have a presence in South Africa. It would seem to me that selling cars in N Africa is a positive step but not a very positive step.

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6 thoughts on “Counterpoint: 8000 Opels for Morocco annually by 2023”

  1. Here in Australia we got them rebadged as Holdens. My current new Astra (RHD) from the Polish factory FHS, was preregistered for marketing reasons it seems, and then had to be dumped at cheap-as-chips prices. Not sure why they didn’t come from the UK though.

  2. ANE, or possibly Opel’s media office tell us: “By 2023, Opel wants to have a 5 percent market share in Morocco, which is the second-largest automotive market in Africa with sales reaching 169,000 units last year. The market has grown more than 25 percent the last two years, the automaker said.”

    Some interrogation of the facts:

    The second biggest automotive market in Africa is not Morocco, but Egypt, at 250,903. In both cases the figures are for passenger cars and LCVs.

    There’s no doubt that the North African vehicle market is growing, but it’s driven by locally produced vehicles. Dacia built their millionth Moroccan-assembled vehicle in July 2017. Expect more protectionism, rather than opening up to imports.

    At 2017 levels 5% of the Moroccan light vehicle market is 8450 vehicles. Scotland, with less than a sixth of Morocco’s population registered 8336 new Corsas in 2017.

    Auto Hall are a Casablanca-based importer of Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Dongfeng cars, along with a variety of commercial, agricultural, mining and construction vehicles.

    The Auto Hall Dongfeng agency may have some significance, given the Chinese company’s 14% holding in PSA. Dongfeng just might have more will and resources to do something with The Hessian Patient than PSA, who already seem to be choking on their new acquisition.

  3. Opel in North America? About on par with betting PSA have any chance here. Who is this nitwit in charge of PSA anyway? Despite claims of his genius, in the short time I’ve taken any notice of him, we’ve had the DS debacle and the takeover of Opel, the opening of some ride/share thingamajig in Atlanta, and more French hubris than I can absorb at one sitting. Perhaps the 14% Chinese ownership is pushing the buttons of incomprehensibility.

  4. Here in New Zealand, we got the Opel Vectra (and Calibra) from ’88 til around ’93, when it was rebranded as a Holden.

    Interestingly, we also got the Opel Kadett during ’86 and ’87. A very expensive car (50 grand!), imported fully built up from Germany in top trim, it was replaced in ’88 by the Pontiac LeMans – essentially the same car, but built in Korea and less than half the price.

    1. The LeMans is a recognised “deadly sin” committed by GM. It looked like a Kadett but was made to a lower standard and bore the name of an illustrious Pontiac forebear but was utterly unlike it.

  5. Carsalesbase reports today that among the formerly mainstream saloons, the Insignia comes in at number two, behind the Passat and ahead of the Mondeo. The other nameplates are nowhere in sight meaning Renault, Peugeot and Citroen have been vanquished effectively. They sell lots of other stuff – just not much in way of successors to the Xantia, 406 and Laguna Mk1. Put in context, the Insignia’s results aren’t bad. Seen another way, only German-built large cars have any succes: the survivors of the mainstream marques are Passat, Insignia and Mondeo. If PSA want to sell a large car it’ll need a German factory and a German name. If Ford decide to shift production of the Mondeo outside the EU they will lose that business. Note: since 2014 the Mondeo has been made in Spain.

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