European Car of the Year 2018 – The Winner Is…

Never mind the Oscars, today is ECotY time.

As is now a Driven to Write tradition, roving reporter Robertas Parazitas reports live from Geneva at the 2018 Car of the Year awards.

14.04 PM CET: The good bit – as we wait there’s footage of past winners with accompanying soundtrack.  Some great cars; BMC 1800, Renault 16, Ro80, proper Citroëns. It’s the same every year, even down to the Chrysler Sunbeam mis-labelled as a Horizon.

14.20 PM CET: Ibiza doing rather well. Volvo catching up. So far Volvo, Seat, BMW…

14.21 PM CET: Volvo going to wipe the floor.

14.22 PM CET: Stinger could manage third.

14.25 PM CET: UK puts BMW first, Volvo second.

It’s the XC40 by 83 points! Hakan Samuelsson takes the stage…

14.41 PM CET: Hakan Samuelsson is a jubilant as a reserved Swede can be. A good result for the whole Volvo renaissance.

The results of the jury were as follows…

Volvo. 325

Seat. 242

BMW. 226

Kia. 204

Citroën. 171

Audi. 169

Alfa. 163.

Good result for Kia, another slap in the face for Big Reidland and Sergio.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

10 thoughts on “European Car of the Year 2018 – The Winner Is…”

  1. COTY is a bit ridiculous.

    Is the XC40 twice as deserving of the prize as the Stelvio? No of course not.

    1. Is it? I’ve seen a few Stelvios in person, it wouldn’t get my money.

  2. I want to like the XC40, but that bonnet to wing shut line and the rear door DLO treatment…yikes!

    (Yes, I am that superficial!)

  3. None of these strike me as outstanding, but I am pleased for Volvo as its recent designs have had a consistent cohesion to them. The XC40 looks the most like the car of 2018 to me. The rear passenger compartment will be compromised by the thick C-pillar and exaggerated kink in the rear doors’ window line, but I suspect that won’t put many people off – it has not hindered the smaller Juke for example (but it would me, given my Mazda3 experience).

    I am a bit shocked that the British contingent went for the 5-Series if I am honest, as it offers so little in progress over its predecessor.

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