Five New Lancias for 2022!

Not content with having laid out their stall for the next five years, FCA has further surprises in store.

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Lancia is back! Driven to Write can reveal FCA’s secret plans to return the revered car brand to European and Chinese markets with five new models set to beat the established luxury elite at their own game.

While the mainstream press focused upon the Alfa Romeo and Jeep portions of FCA’s highly anticipated presentation last week, anonymous sources within the carmaker have revealed to us FCA’s bold plans for Lancia, encompassing as many as five new models to be introduced between now and 2022.

In a move that will bring cheer to innumerable fans of the heritage nameplate, Lancia’s endlessly delayed revival has finally been given the green light, CEO, Sergio Marchionne having confidentially revealed his plans to investors, telling them that it will be his “parting gift” as he steps down in roughly a year’s time.

The FCA source, speaking under conditions of anonymity revealed that Marchionne has been stung by repeated accusations that he’s responsible for starving the much-loved marque of investment and is said to be keen to show he’s not simply a slash and burn technocrat. “Mr. Marchionne doesn’t wish to go down in history as the man who killed Lancia”, our source said before adding, “he’s determined this will become his legacy.”

FCA’s ambitious plan will not only return the historic brand to a full product line up for the first time in decades and mark Lancia’s revival from Italy-only exile back into the heart of the European car market, but also spearhead its crucial push into China. Sources with knowledge of the matter are suggesting that each of the forthcoming Lancia range will bear a name taken from the marque’s storied past.

These are believed to include a minicar, (Atrocia), a C-segment CUV, (Apathia) a C/D segment crossover coupe/saloon (Implausia), a mid-engined supercar, (Futilia) and one other car, as yet unconfirmed, but believed to be the near-mythical Infamia. This still-secret model is rumoured to be a hybrid-only LWB luxury saloon, aimed specifically at the Chinese market. Details for now remain sketchy, but the well-placed FCA source confirmed that all models will employ a re-engineered variant of the carmaker’s SCCS scalable ‘small’ FWD platform.

Powertrains remain an unknown quantity, but one possible scenario could mark a return of Lancia’s ‘iconic’ boxer four from the much-respected Gamma model line to power the flagship Infamia saloon. Our FCA source did stress however that all available powertrains will be “class-leading”.

With five new models competing with established prestige brands across Europe and in China, where demand for luxury cars remains insatiable, our FCA source told us volumes of over 400,000 Lancia cars a year will be “the minimum we can expect.”

With FCA’s planners and engineers putting the finishing touches to the new Lancias, we canvassed leading auto industry analyst, Christian Knees for the market perspective who observed, “FCA’s strategy presentation last Friday was hugely entertaining, but this marks a whole new level.” Wiping away tears of hilarity, Knees added, “We really do enjoy Sergio Marchionne’s sense of humour. We’ll miss him when he goes.”

FCA’s press office was unavailable for comment.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

16 thoughts on “Five New Lancias for 2022!”

  1. Powerful meds, Eóin. Are they the same as Huxley took for Brave New World Revisited?

  2. Great model names, one and all. Marchionne’s management of most of its Italian marques made me think that, in recognition for the stress caused over the years, they could have added a small roadster (Alopecia).

    1. Our FCA source also alluded to another mysterious Lancia model, believed to be a double cab pickup based on the Fiat Fullback, aimed primarily at affluent wine growers in the Veneto, Marche & Abruzzo, Tuscany and Piedmont regions. Sergio was said to have been keen on the idea because it would cost a pittance to develop, but the product strategy boys nixed the business case. To have been called Ineptia, yet again we see a brilliant product stifled at birth by the bean counters. It’s enough to make you weep…

    2. As the car was targeted at wine growers wouldn’t it have been called Inebria?

  3. Has DTW been infiltrated by the guys at Sniff Petrol? 😁

    Very amusing, Eóin, although I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry, having a strong sentimental attachment to Lancia. It is just reprehensible what the bejumpered one has done to this once great marque although, in fairness, the rot set in (literally, in the case of the Beta) a long before his tenure. At this stage, FCA might as well try to flog the brand to the Chinese for whatever that can get for it. Hopefully, it might then go the way of Volvo but, realistically, it would end up more like MG.

    I actually owned a Delta back in the 80’s (just a cooking 1500, nothing more exotic) and liked its sharp design and comfort.

    1. A Chinese company has already bought all the kit to remake Lybras, but I fear they never will.
      Deltas were nice cars, as were the vast majority of Betas which didn’t rust so quickly.
      And the Ypsilon did very well.

  4. Might it be time to concede that Marchionne has done a good job?

    Fiat was near bankrupt when he took over. It is now debt free and its stock value has soared. Lancia and Dodge look finished, sadly, but do you really want to reinvent Lancia as an SUV brand?

    The car industry is brutal.

    1. I am afraid DTW never forgives. As I like to say, life is about the balance of quantitative and qualitative. SM has quantitatively improved the numbers. Qualitatively he seems to have overlooked things of some importance.

    2. I suspect that the improved financial position of the company has been achieved largely by cutting capital expenditure on new model investment programmes to the bone and abandoning a number of market sectors completely. You’re right to say that Lancia and Dodge are finished, but so, it would appear, are Fiat and Chrysler as mass market manufacturers. It may have been the only viable strategy, but is a dismal legacy nonetheless.

  5. I must admit I had a small frisson of joy when I read the headline. Of course I should have known it was not a precise reporting of the state of the world.
    When Fiat talked of Lancia being their Lexus they didn´t refer to the quality of the cars or the customer experience. They only meant that in relation to Fiat cars, Lancias would offer more features and cost more. Referring to Lexus (did they really?) was unfortunate in every way.

  6. Thanks for revealing these secret plans ! I hope i can sell all my BMW and Mercedes shares quick enough, before everyone will recognise, what a desaster the revival of Lnncia will mean for the future of the german premium brands !
    Now it is allowed to hope for some other breathtaking new cars from FCA ! What about a Nissan Pulsar with engines from the Fiat Tipo as a new blockbuster from Alfa Romeo?

    1. I don´t think he has has a pint of anything at all. That is what is so amazing.
      In contrast I am fuelled by cheap vermouth at the moment. I have got a hold of a bottle of Dolin dry but when I can get something as good for a third of the price, guess which one I will drink first. I maight just keep the Dolin for display.

  7. Sorry to break the conversation thread gents….I read about this rebirth with trepidation and concern that it will pay little respect to a brand that was so markedly innovative. I’ll be delighted of course should my fears prove to be unfounded.
    Also there is sadly no mention in the new line up of the lovely Fulvia replacement they were close to going into production with about ten or so years ago.

    Time will tell as always….


    ….a sceptical Fulvia owner.

    1. Thanks for your comment Andrew. You would be well advised to be sceptical. And to hold fast to your Fulvia…

    2. Hi Andrew:

      Our sources say the Fulvia replacement is being tested in prototype form as we speak. It uses a cut down and narrowed version of the Giulietta platform. It will be given a 1.4 and 1.8 turbo petrol engine and a small capacity V6 of 2.2 litres. A 4×4 version is on the cards too as this is necessary for the Alpine markets. FCA will also spin off a Dodge version of the car with different front and rear bumpers.

      All the Lancia range will be compatible with dihydride lusitanium carbide electric batteries which means FCA leapfrogs Tesla and Toyota. These have the same weight and bulk as 80 litres of petrol and can be charged in 100 minutes. The range is about 450 miles.

      As to the other models, the plan is being revised as all the development programmes are three months ahead of schedule. A new dealer network is being put together with 300 dealers signed up the EU. One has been signed up in the UK though.

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