Ashtrays: 1963-1976 Alfa Romeo Tipo 105

Rust nibbles this Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT. 

Rust nibbles the interior as well. The 1963-1978 car is well documented except the ashtray: a flip-over lid.

Here it is in the open position:

It’s very well placed indeed. Notice the ventilation controls which are also neatly sited.

Do you think I am mad to see XJ saloon in this rear view?

Do you think this car can be saved?

It’s near Brixen in the Alte Adige, Italy.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

3 thoughts on “Ashtrays: 1963-1976 Alfa Romeo Tipo 105”

  1. Giugiaro’s finest piece of work, by a large margin.

    Can it be saved?
    Difficult question.
    Tecdhnically, the answer would probably be yes. As these cars tend to develop rust in every body panel there should be ways to repair it.
    If properly done, it surely would be economically suicidal because prices for these cars are relatively low (except for GTA racers), which is why you get nearly no cars that are properly restored up to a standard instead of down to a price. It’s the same with most old Alfas and it’s a pity.
    The car in the pictures is a strange mixture. These front indicators and this type of dashboard point to a very late model and the small rear lights would make it a 1300 GT junior, which should have a different grille.

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