Really? I don’t think so

The 2018 Paris Mondiale car show exhibition had many interesting new exhibits being exhibited. Certainly the most ultimate was the  Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12.

The Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12.

The  Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 is essentially a  standard Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 with lowered, up-firmed suspension, re-calibrated air-conditioning controls and engine-mount vibration dampers which are rated up. This hikes the power output to 312 bhp and lowers the 0-60 time to under 20 seconds (4.3 seconds to be precise).

The car has a bespoke leather gear lever gaiter, a deeper dished steering wheel along with special Packworth carpets and a standard Wolseley 34/12 dashboard (Packworth hates the Sportline dashboard). Pete Packworth explained that what Packworth does to build a Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 is to improve upon the essentials of the Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12.

Standard AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 – note the lowered sills and colour-coded side mirrors.

The Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 is just a standard AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 with a tauter suspension than is found on the WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12. It also so has special seating, a lime-green alloy dashboard insert and kickplates (all of which is removed by Packworth and thrown away). The AGM Sportsline WolseleySport has a power output of 282 bhp so the Packworth car is quite an improvement. But the Sportsline

Standard Sportsline WolseleySport is basis for AGM Sportsline WolseleySport version

still has 23 bhp and ceramic disc brakes over the AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 it is based on.  That car has beefier engine cooling, race suspension mounts and remapped engine management to boost power from 220 bhp, a good increase over the standard WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 which is pretty much Wolseley’s preferred performance tuning brand.

That car has uprated seats (unique to car), a lowered and widened ashtray, a quicker rack and seven speeds over the Wolseley 34/12´s six. It also has a special dashboard of grey Alacantara and oak inserts with matte black plastic sill plates.

So, if you want a  Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12, go to Wolseley for a boggo 34/12. Have that car tuned by WolseleySport in their Southhampton workshop. Then take the car to Aberdeen when Sportsline will remove the WolseleySport fittings and add their own.

With that done go back to Cornwall to AGM who will adjust the hell out of everything as described above and finally drive to Ball Hill in Coventry where Packworth with add their final pieces, remove the AGM kit and so you have the ultimate Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12, a Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

8 thoughts on “Really? I don’t think so”

    1. There is a really long waiting time, I am told. Wolseley can´t keep up with demand for the the 34/12, in part because Brexit concerns have stymied investment in a facility for covering the cars in protective PVC film for transit – no known date but add two months or three. The cars are being made and then stored in a car-park until they can be covered in protective film for shipping. During this time they are getting damaged and need to be resprayed.

      WolseleySport are having trouble getting the parts for the quick ration steering systems because their Greek supplier has gone bankrupt – add three months. AGM need to find a new producer of the carbon-fibre cupholder inserts and the US-made window-stickers because of new tariffs on American-made goods – add three months. Sportline take a month to strip and paint the car and can´t get skilled labour after all their Latvian painters went back to Latvia (Brexit). And finally Packworth are having trouble getting carpet trimmers for their exclusive Packwort “sport weave” carpet and they can only process four cars a week instead of the expected 14 cars a week.

  1. Whilst I prefer a homegrown affair, such as this beauty (the lowered and widened ashtray does it for me) I shall be taking my hard earned to Kaunas, Lithuania for an AG Excalibur. I demand eccentric and Over The Top everything. The 34/12 is just a little too lacking…sorry

    1. I had a look at the Excalibur. Apples and oranges, really. The Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 offers four doors over two. To be honest with you, although it´s a personal matter and I am not in the market for top drawed tuned cars, the Excalibur is a bit unpleasant to look at. It needs bigger wheels. I didn´t see the interior of the Excalibur so I can´t make a good comparison. A close look at the Packworth Sportsline AGM WolseleySport Wolseley 34/12 reveals a very tidy layout (Keegan & Kellog sports seats) and loads of space for your wallet, camera and mobile telephone. It´s got four cup-holders and a small control to turn the limited slip diff on and off. It also has full torque vectoring. The suspension is switchable as well, with sport, firm and performance settings. I really like the Wolseley DNA control: press a four digit PIN into a keypad on the passenger door and the car will alter its steering ratio depending on the driver´s steering style. F inally, it has a 700 litre boot, making it the best mid-sized saloon for luggage space.

  2. I bow to your deep knowledge, Mr Herriott. That is indeed some spec and thus have cancelled my Lithuania flight and am currently headed Southampton way. What was I thinking, Excalibur…

    1. Hi: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. That said, Toby Tobermory-Thompsen at Sporting & Performance Classics magazine thinks the 34/12 unmanageably skittish unless you switch to metric wheels and tyres. It’s very prone to lift-off oversteer and snap understeer. Also, a change of plugs is an engine-out job. Timing belts are prone to snapping as well.
      Do you still have your tickets to Lithuania?

  3. Richard! It’s dark, cold and I’m lost, deep in Southampton.The local football team lost heavily today, the mood is ill and no-one can tell me where the Packworth workshop is. I had an egg thrown at me when I mentioned the car in The Mucky Duck hostelry but luckily it was pickled and hastily avoided. After reading your last post, my intrigue deepens. Can there be a PSM WGW 34/12 in my life before I change my mind on colour schemes ? Argent over Puse? Or should I find a better hotel for the night.?

    1. Good to hear from you. I love Southampton in October. Try Google for Packworth’s address. I suggest Admiral Grey Metallic or Packworth Blue Metallic. Send my regards to Mr Packworth.

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