It Wasn’t Called Porto Seguro When Cabral First Saw It

Driven to Write once again challenges readers with a small and largely harmless puzzle.

Irrelevant image of a Wolseley: source

The year is 2010. This time I am gathering quotes concerning one manufacturer. Who do you think it might be? If this item does not keep your spirits up, another item will be along shortly.

Kicking off with number one: “Despite its image the little X isn’t as bad as you might think. The 86 bhp 1.3 litre engine gives a spirited performance and enjoys being revved hard. There’s plenty of grip too and the handling is neat and tidy but there’s also plenty of scuttle shake.” Three stars out of five.

Kicking a second time with number two: “The problems the X faces are its rivals. It isn’t all that different in concept to things like the Honda Jazz and Nissan Note. And when a car with a better badge and image, higher quality interior and diesel option comes along the case for the X would start to look a bit weaker. If no less sensible.” Three stars out of five.

Number three: “Rides over bumps easily but their height makes for too much body roll and grip is in short supply too. Lots of head room in the back but that means the boot at 225 litres is tiny. Interestingly design inside but both cars use too much cheap, grey plastic. Not bad but others do it better.” Three stars.

Four: “Thanks to a short wheelbase, the X tends to pitch and roll over even the smallest bumps in the road. Narrow width but the tall height results in body roll. Not bad with decent handling and build but it’s still not great and priced out of its league.”

Those cars made up the marque’s entire range. So, any ideas?


Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

5 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Called Porto Seguro When Cabral First Saw It”

  1. Scuttleshale = Cabrio
    1.3 =…. Copen

    (I didn’t try to divine the other two..)

    1. Crikey. That was very fast indeed. The field of 1.3 litre convertribles was not large then and not large now. The TG summary paints the picture of a pleasing car. One day I must ask my neighbour for a closer look at their one. It might be the only chance I ever get.

    1. You win the prize because you named the brand and not just the one model. Well done! I lifestime´s subscription to DTW is on its way in the post.

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