Remembered And All Forgotten

A little earlier in the day I promised to remind you of the new cars launched in 2018.

2019 Audi A1: source

Here it is. Just take a look at this list, why don’t you. I have undoubtedly forgotten something.

Audi A1 (it’s the main image and is surpisingly mediocre.)

New (blue) and old (red):

BMW 3-series (the one with the very busy front end. Red or blue?)

Audi A6 (hard to believe this has crept onto the scene. It is a bit of a non-event. I saw one on the 22nd of December. It’s busy and decorated.)

BMW X7 (no idea)

Hyundai Kona-E (one is parkd on my street, draped with rityz green-blue metallic paint).

Ford Focus (I remembered this and am prepared to change my mind about it on the basis of the Fiesta’s exemplary surface treatment but have not seen on in real life yet.)

Suzuki Swift Sport (very pleasing in the metal – I got this one wrong.)

2018 Kia Ceed: source

Kia Ceed: disapppointing. (The DLO and C-pillar are not friends.)

Seat Tarraco (haven’t seen one.)

Citroen Berlingo.

DS 3 Crossback (yet again, what a dumb naming system. I thought the cars were called DS(insert number) but apparently it is (insert number) and (add suffix. But … what about Mazda’s single number model names?)

2019 DS3 Crossback

Peugeot 508  (still haven’t seen one)

VW Touareg (haven’t seen one)

Hyundai Santa Fé (unseen)

Image: New York Daily News

Jaguar I-Pace (seen on Dec 16th 2018. Lovely, lovely, lovely.)

Honda CR-V (unseen around here)

Mazda 3 – in over the transom, shown in November. Impressive surfacing.

Volvo V60 (haven’t seen this either but is promising)

Toyota Auris (E210 is the production code. Learn it!)

Toyota Camry (as a hybrid, for Europe. Looks wierd but it’s nice to see Toyota back in this sector. The interior could be nice if they sell it with the wood trim.)

2019 Toyota Camry interior: source

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

14 thoughts on “Remembered And All Forgotten”

  1. The competition is intense for the most disappointing new car of the year…

  2. Allow me to ‘add my mustard’ (as we say here in Germany) to your comments:

    A1 – A mean, nasty, unpleasant rascal of a car

    Dreier – A nasty, overwrought, insecure, fussy piece of work that turns the benchmark of its class into a confused copycat design

    A6 – Very busy, very inefficient

    X7 – The concept car was a horror

    Hyundai Kona-E – Material of the future: Kinder Surprise plastics in shiny silver

    Ford Focus – Better than the previous car, but generic and with an awkward wasp waist

    Suzukit Swift Sport – Okay, c-pillar apart

    Kia Ceed – Stinger apart, the brands appears to be moving backwards

    Seat Tarraco – A Skoda with a different grille

    Citroen Berlingo – Playful, yet practical: I like it

    DS 3 Crossback – Macron prevented me from seeing it; should I be angry or thank him?

    Peugeot 508 – Arguably the most accomplished looking car in its class today

    VW Touareg – The better Audi Q7, with A LOT of chrome

    Hyundai Santa Fe – This one had utterly passed me by, figuratively speaking

    Jaguar I-pace – A marvellous car & car design that’s highly colour- and spec-sensitive; JLR should stop selling them on small wheels right away, as that’s already damaging its image

    Honda CR-V – I do my best to ignore Honda, EV vehicles apart

    Mazda 3 – If it’s just a bit better than its predecessor and half as good as the concept car, it’ll be very good

    Volvo V60 – Delightful

    Toyota Auris – Decent facelift

    Toyota Camry – GM and Ford say Toyota needn’t bother, and they’re always right

  3. I have several new Focuses and can report that it is possibly the ugliest car on the market.

  4. A1: an incoherent design on first sight, yet I like the end result in terms of stance and its
    purposeful, wedgy (unashamedly Baby Rambo textured) silhouette.

    Interior is also a rather brave (for an Audi) departure in terms of a more radical reverting to driver-centered, assymetric console layout (a nod to 70s/80s BMWs).

    I think the front end (hood leading edge / transition to grille) is intentionally compromised, as it would otherwise cannibalise A3 sales rather voraciously.

    BMW: All has been said, will refrain…

    Hyundai Kona: have seen several already, and must say it’s very close to perfection in terms of how happily it conjoins the sculpted, hewn-from-solid family hatch look (that Schreyer had perfected with the previous-gen Rio), with a rather clean solution for the SUV-signature wheelarches & general wheel well filling/ride height/proportions aspects (vital on the SUVs from an aesthetic point of view).

    Street-cred wise, it seems very balanced on size & footprint/cabin height, which places it directly neck-to-neck with the Cactus.

    Still, in spite of the Cactus being the first thing I thought of when I saw the Kona, the latter manages to exude a strong individual, un-copy-cat vibe (except in the front end & headlights, where it nods to Citroen’s finest rather submissively). The Kona is still a joy to look at, from most any angle. It looks refreshingly small within the obese SUV straßenbild, yet displaying a strong perceived ruggedness that’s authentically convincing.

    Focus: I have seen it and have mixed feelings. However, today I saw a brand new Focus Estate in a very funky lava-red hue, with black wheels.
    It looked *very* different to the hatch, and actually looked way more appealing. I dare to say that the estate looks alarmingly Saab-ish, even. It’s just one of the most individualistic styled 2018 new cars out there, such is the complexity of its lateral curvatures / glasshouse).
    I’m still in utter shock (positive) from seeing it few hours ago, in motion.

    That one will sell well.

    Mazda 3 / Auris: haven’t seen neither in the flesh, obviously, but I reckon both represent a serious, threatening return of both brands to the C segment, in great style and with some amazing proportions (the Mazda 3 hatch being the more individual choice).

    508: If it wasn’t for the DLO & doors that are overtly shared with the Vectra (which IMO, when it comes to the Peugeot brand styling heritage, is a sin that shouldn’t have been committed), it would be a very attractive, muscular, A7-vibed fastback-cum-sedan, which is so rare nowadays as a styling direction.
    The Mustang inspired taillights, in the current global context, gives it an air of ‘image generousity’ that would’ve been disarming, not to mention the Stinger-rivalling opulence of the front end /hood profile.
    The too obvious platformation is a definite deal-breaker to me, personally: the Peugeot visual heritage just cannot be messed with in such a blatant cost-saving manner (unless at one’s own peril, so to speak…).

    1. Corrigendum:’Baby Rambo’ = ‘Baby Lambo’, obviously (auto-correct mayhem)

    2. Hi Al,

      This was a good review of this year’s newcomers. I enjoyed reading your views but the VECTRA ?? Have you been in a coma since 1996 ? If you meant the Insignia, the 508 still doesn’t share any sheet metal with it as far as I know.

      Have a good day and welcome to 2018, soon to be 2019 btw.

  5. Forgot to add – Jag I-pace:

    Haven’t seen one in the flesh, yet it must be said that it’s shockingly successful in terms of redefining the SUV category as something that actually *could* look good after all.

    In that aspect, it’s an iconic car already.

    I think that the key to that was the liberal use of the styling freedom that’s enabled by the inexistence of an ICE engine and the engineering constraints it brings (rod-length to stroke ratio dictating minimum block/engine heights etc.).

    In that regard, the I-pace clearly shows that, stylistically, the only possible way a SUV can look suave & not vulgar, is if it’s an EV (SUEV/Suave?).

    In this discipline alone, Jag made somewhat of a textbook example, and actually educated everybody on how EV technology can be employed to unchain design.

    Good times.

    1. It’s a beauty, all right. I can’t decide which looks better.

  6. It’s odd that the first Audi A1 had an Allegro look about it, whereas the new one could be how the BMC 1100/13oo might look now if it had gone through a MINI or 911-like evolution.

    I’ve yet to see one in real life, but some credit is due to Herr Lichte for breaking out of the stuck record groove.

    1. I’d not noticed before, but the c-pillar certainly has some 1100/1300 about it. Also not unlike an original Range Rover or Rover P6. I think I’ve seen similar on another new car, and in contrasting colour, but can’t think where. If only they offered it in brown vinyl.

  7. Early reports suggest that the new Auris is actually called Corolla. Amazing.

  8. A car missing from the list: Škoda Scala. A relatively pleasant looking, but rather forgettable exterior with Tipo-esque tail lamps. Probably the best looking and most inviting interior of any of the recent Škodas.

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