The Language of the Future

How does one market a singularity? Maybe along lines such as these…

(c) DTW

“How can a lover describe his beloved? How may a mystic communicate his vision? How does a mother describe her child? We are faced with the same inadequacy of language when we try to tell you of the superlative qualities of the Citroën D.S 19. There just isn’t a language of the future – so how is one to write about a car that is at least ten years in advance of our times? You try it. Go ahead.

Take a look, take a ride in this beautiful, graceful thing. But be careful. You’ll know no rest, no content until this proud gleaming heaven on wheels is your own… and even then, you’ll know no words, no, not one simple word to express your bubbling delight.

It’s beyond praise, because praise spoken, sung or exquisitely rhymed can only present a pale shadow of the magic of a car that takes you, as you slide under the steering wheel, ten years into the future”.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

5 thoughts on “The Language of the Future”

    1. Tragically, DS now appears increasingly to stand for failure: Its UK market share in 2018 has fallen by 40% to an insignificant 0.22%.

  1. This is not the car of the future. It’s just that all other cars represent the past. (Alexander Spoerl)

    1. That is one effortlessly eloquent way of telling the truth.

  2. Just today the last one of 2018 I was mesmerised while out shopping by the sight of a mint Ds parked curbside amongst numerous modern products. The design still looks futuristic in this setting so much so that I found myself staring, crossing the street looking back then stopping to further observe this beautiful car.
    I have in the past been fortunate to have owned several and attended shows with other enthusiasts but todays experience was unique for this lone Ds was amongst today’s products and it really made all the surrounding vehicles look dated just as it did when first introduced.

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