Welcome to 2019!

As is now customary, Driven to Write offers our fond New Year wishes, brought to you in conjunction with Gorden Wagener, Daimler AG’s Chief Design Officer.

(c) shaylorphoto.com

Everything we do is about the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence. Emotion is the beauty, the heart and the sex appeal in design, and intelligence is the purity, which creates long-life solutions that are visually high-tech. The combination of these two poles is our design philosophy: Sensual Purity“.

Both Mr. Wagener and the DTW team would like to express the fervent wish that every day of your new year will be emotionally charged with an almost erotic beauty.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to 2019!”

  1. Good morning, Eóin, and a very Happy New Year to you.

    Having read Herr Wagener’s perspicacious words above, I regret to report that I am feeling neither emotionally charged nor erotically beautiful. I am, however, feeling mildly queasy and a touch flatuent. Clearly, I am incapable of attaining the higher intellectual and spiritual plane he occupies (and, most probably, created). My bad.

    1. Daniel: Like all higher beings, the blessed one in his broad wisdom and boundless mercy understands our vain thrashings and forgives us, for we know no better. He does however expect us to at least strive to elevate our narrow, earthbound sights. His words (for which we give thanks) ought to inspire us to do more over the coming year to at least approach the puristic emotion of erotical intelligence, only his blessedness can call his own.

      Go in peace. And the very best for 2019.

  2. At the risk of upsetting the calm civility for which DTW exchanges are renowned – why are the products of Daimler AG so offensively ugly . . ?

    1. John, I reply to you in pity and sorrow rather than anger, you poor mortal soul.

      Like me, you are clearly incapable of attaining the degree of spiritual and aesthetic perceptiveness that might allow us even a fleeting glimpse of the genius of Herr Wagener’s work. Where we see only ugliness, aggression or, in his more recent work, mere vacuity, the more intellectually gifted see a divine beauty that transcends the merely visual and earthly. We suffer from a crippling deficiency that was identified by Hans Christian Andersen in his brilliant work, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The great author treats the poor boy that is the subject of his tale with the kindness and compassion we can only hope Herr Wagener and his disciples can find in their hearts for us similarly afflicted souls.

      Happily, there remains a safe refuge here at DTW for us and our fellow inadequates, where we can repent our sins and pray for enlightenment. Acknowledgement of our sorry condition is a vital first step, so:

      “My name is Daniel and I think the A-class is ugly.”

  3. I only realised this was tongue in cheek after I read the article and the comments. I actually thought he was really part of DTW.

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