Mystery Car

Our Leinster correspondent has been out and about and has seen this car (or part of it). It’s todays’ Mystery Car.

Mystery Car, who are you?

Since the DTW readership has shown staggering aptitude at identifying cars I think the difficulty level of this ought to be within the range of your collective abilities. While I am here I might take this opportunity to encourage our Leinster correspondent to post another 500 words, if possible.

A longer item will be along later on today.

Author: richard herriott

I like anchovies. I dislike post-war town planning.

34 thoughts on “Mystery Car”

  1. This is a difficult one. From the picture I would say maybe japanese, 2 doors or coupé, 1990s ?

  2. Isn’t that strange that Daniel hasn’t been around that one yet ? He must be plotting something.
    “Daniel, just a word of advice, there’s no point typing ‘car with small slits on the edge of the rear windscreen” on Google because it doesn’t bring up anything useful”.
    You’re welcome.

    1. NRJ, How very dare you! (and thanks for saving me the effort.) I’ve been too busy banging on about the 18-22 Series elsewhere to pay attention here.

      The photo is labelled “Ford Taunus Coupe 1972 yellow” to throw us of the scent. TBH, the focus is so poor* that I’m not sure exactly we’re looking at. First I thought it was a side window and C-pillar,but now I think it’s a recessed rear window and “butress” C-pillar like the original pre-facelift Renault 15/17 ( it’s neither of those).

      *Not a sleight on the photographer, I promise: I’m sure it’s a result of enlarging this detail from the original photo.

    2. I don’t think it’s a rear window, more side window and C pillar. The car looks to be parallel to the house judging by the slanting rear windscreen ? I think if it was a view from behind, the car would look more like it was coming towards you if that makes sense.

    3. I can’t help but think that if it was a rear windscreen then we would be looking at a close up of the right hand side (when viewed from behind). But then what to make of the expanse of glass we glimpse just below the house’s window ?
      Not saying you’re wrong Daniel, just trying to throw things at the wall and see what sticks.

  3. With that amount of bird muck splattered on it, it could be my bosses car which when clean is a Lexus 200ch. But I don’t think he’s been to Ireland, ever and I know really it isn’t a Lexus.
    Thus, stumped so far. I need inspiration

    1. Do you think it’s a 2-door car or a glimpse of a 3rd window from a saloon or hatchback ?

  4. No idea. But I wanted to share this beautiful, heartwarming words with you lot, regardless:

  5. NRJ, you’re right. The triangular glass on the left is the rear-side window. Immediately above thoes “vents” is the rear screen: you can just see the HRW terminal.

    Is it a SAAB 9000, the original one with the three-piece rear window?

    1. I don’t know, if we were looking at that Saab and think the glass on the left-hand side is the 2nd window, then the 3rd window look to be too slim to be that of the 9000 ?

      If, on the other hand, we think the glass area on the left-hand side is the 3rd and final window of that same car then they shouldn’t be the strip of sheet metal forming what looks like a C-pillar ?

  6. I think the biggest clue really are those slits. It’s a peculiar detail, to me it looks like it could be a German or Japanese solution to a given ‘problem’.

  7. I think those vents are inside the car, under the rear glass. Here’s the detail of the Saab I was thinking about:

    Don’t think it’s right, but you can see what I was on about.

    1. Yes, thank you for added picture. I thought at some pint the vents would be inside but there’s the bird excrement. Unless we see those interior vents through a window ?

  8. This is to announce that Iam officially retiring from the race. I’ve nothing left to throw at the wall and dinner is getting ready. This Leinster man is proving worthy of my squeaky, swivelling, Ikea throne in the Quiz business.

  9. Wise words from MLK / H Fisker /C Butt there.
    But who will put us out of our misery over this farrago?
    And the oloroso has nearly gone

  10. 2 of NRJ’s original suppositions were absolutely correct and the third was very close. It was sold under one name in it’s home country and another elsewhere.

  11. Opel / Vauxhall Calibra? At least I’ve got the perspective right now, I think. I originally saw it as a boot lid with a fin next to it (hence the Bentley suggestion).

  12. NRJ was very close with his original suggestions. It’s a 1988 Mazda 626 coupe. I’ll try to upload the whole photo a little later.

    1. Ooohh nicely played Mick, the zooming out is quite dramatic. I still don’t know who that is but yes, definetly japanese and coupé.

    2. It’s an ’88 Mazda 626 coupe. I’ve actually seen a couple recently. I actually quite like how they look. Apologies for the poor quality photo, it’s a combination of my poor skills and a moving car. I don’t think it’s moved in quite a while so I’ll go back and get a few better ones.

    3. My Finnish grandfather used to own the saloon version of that car. I loved it.

    1. ’88 Mazda 626 coupe NRJ. You don’t see many around but it’s actually the second I’ve seen recently. I have to admit I quite like it. Apologies for poor quality photo. My non existent skills coupled with a moving car meant that was the best I could do.

  13. Darn, and to think I contemplated buying one in spring ’88, the turbo version, which had the most powerful 145 bhp engine I ever drove. 145 bhp at 4300 rpm. Mazda neglected to mention what the output was at 5500 rpm but they kept up with my 195 bhp Eagle Talon turbo (Mitsubishi Eclipse with EVO engine) in a race past 220 kph in my younger and more foolish days. The speed limit was and still is 100, but there was no other traffic whatsoever. Good thing the Mounties were having breakfast or something.

    My first guess was early ’90s Toyota Camry, but that wasn’t it. As for not remembering visual detail from 3o years ago, I plead guilty, your Honour.

  14. Thank you for the deliverance. I didn’t see your response and I was still looking for the answer ! I was looking at all the Mitsubishi coupés. I can’t believe I didn’t spot the 626 with the 2nd picture, it seems so obvious now. I really like the car too Mick, I think it looks ‘athletic’ like a few other Japanese coupés of various vintages like the Honda Prelude and Legend, they look long, flat and sporty. It was a good game. Thanks.

  15. We’ll done, Mick. I don’t think I could have identified it even from your “reveal” photo. Here’s the car in question, complete with those three little vents that provoked much fruitless discussion:

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