ECotY 2019 – The Jury’s In

“And I can’t deny the fact that right now, you like me. You like me!”

Ms. Field. (c) Today

To our eternal disappointment, automotive CEO’s aren’t particularly noted for this kind of thing, so if you’re expecting the kind of tearful emoting in the manner of Sally Field’s 1984 Oscar acceptance speech, you’re likely to be disappointed. Mind you, if they sharpened up their act a little, they might attract the networks and get the whole thing televised. Perhaps BMW’s Harald Krüger could be convinced to collapse again – you know, for dramatic effect.

Anyway, idle whimsy aside, the 2019 European Car of the Year award is shortly to be announced so we now go live to Robertas Parazitas at the Palexpo.

14.20: “Well – we’re here.  Usual rolling film of past winners, with approximately matched (mainly British) pop songs. Journo aristocracy still to show face. The chosen seven are lined up in half-light.

14.21: On to the jury comments. Nice things being said about the Alpine and Jaguar. Alpine leading with 38 points. Aircross just behind. Germans have just given the Alpine 28 points.

14.23: Alpine breaks 100. Still leading.

14.32: Italians put the Jag in front.

Kia a close third.

Luxembourg puts the Alpine ahead.

You can cut the air with a knife.

Russians vote big for the Alpine.

Focus is now second. Jag third.

Kia Ceed has gone to first. Damn the Spanish jury.

Kia leading, focus second, focus third.

UK now. Alpine and Jaguar joint top points. It’s going to a penalty shoot out.

14.36: Apparently it’s down to first preferences. They’re doing the sums. There could be a third vote. Jag slightly ahead.

JAGUAR WINS!  Alpine second.  We’ve never seen the like!

14.38: Is there a Dr. Speth in the room? No. But a somewhat unprepared Ian Callum stands in.

And the winner is… (c) Car Magazine

So despite our initial misgivings, it appears as though we were treated to a quantum of drama after all. A surprising, if deserving win – especially so given the gloom which has settled over Gaydon of late. One hopes Mr. Callum doesn’t get carried away and start rhapsodising over the I-Pace’s ‘incredibly disciplined lines and surfaces’, as he is sometimes won’t to do.

Anyway, congratulations to JLR and Jaguar and our thanks to Robertas for his dispatches from the front line.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

3 thoughts on “ECotY 2019 – The Jury’s In”

  1. Delighted that the two most worthy candidates won. I’d have been cross if the Focus had won, slightly less so if it was the KIA.

  2. The new Kia (Pro)Ceed is a very worthy replacement of the outgoing Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake. (Which I thought wasn’t going to be continued, or have they changed their mind now?) Turns out, Kia still makes the better Kias. Where does this leave Mercedes?

  3. Hi,

    I forgot about the coty winners but I made a prediction before reading the post and I somehow got it right. I thought the I-Pace was the strongest contender, followed by the Alpine. Did I win anything ? Anyway, I hope Richard will let us know the Danish coty winner for this year in case it comes up again in one of his obscure games.

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