Geneva 2019 Reflections – A Little ‘Farina

Our man in Geneva reports from Battista’s official reveal.

Battista (c) Christopher Butt

Pininfarina S.p.A has adopted many alternative identities over its 89-year lifespan. Not simply the World’s most famous and acclaimed Italian coachbuilder and design consultancy, but also contract manufacturer – building cars for the likes of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Peugeot amongst others, and now it would seem, a carmaker in their own right.

Following on from the elegantly retro-styled limited-edition Sergio, the Mahindra-owned former carrozzeria are back in the OEM game, debuting ‘the fastest road-legal car ever to be made in Italy‘. The distinctly Ferrari-esque Battista supercar is said to develop 1900bhp and 1696lb ft of torque from its four wheel electric motors. A sub-2 second 0-62mph time, 0-186mph in under 12sec and a top speed of around 217mph round out what are some very big (and small) numbers – on paper at least.

Having been invited to Battista’s official reveal on Monday night, our well-connected Hamburg correspondent dodged the canapes to report: “It’s the most pleasant of these hypercars – no game changer, but easy on the eye.” Amid his enquiries, Christopher discovered the Battista’s exterior designer was also the gentleman responsible for the elegant lines of Hybrid Kinetic Group’s HK600 concept of 2017 – Nazzareno Epifani.

Arguably one of the most interesting aspects of Battista“, our reporter went on to observe, “is that they created the entire thing – engineering, design – the lot, within a year. Impressive!”

(c) Christopher Butt

But while it’s tempting to idly dismiss this vehicle amid the sea of similar and soporifically predictable projectiles aimed at the oligarch set, perhaps the most striking aspect of the Battista’s appearance is not what it says overtly, but what it tacitly implies.

“A facelift of a facelift”, sayeth our correspondent. Ferrari F8 Tributo. (c) Christopher Butt

Because its appearance and seemingly well-received critical reception serves as a subtle but well-aimed rebuke towards their former Maranello client – who also has some freshly stamped metal on show at Palexpo. Would that Ferrari’s current in-house design team produced anything as (comparatively) calm and visually accomplished as Battista however.

A little ‘Farina, it would seem, goes quite a long way.

Our grateful thanks (in both cases) to Christopher for his kind assistance.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

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