6 thoughts on “Easter Greetings”

  1. Happy Easter to everyone. Why is the article tagged Renault 40cv Tourer ? Was this car involved in the resurrection ?

    1. Ask Richard. Knowing him, there’s probably a little in-joke buried within.

      Actually, come to think of it, don’t ask him. He’s taking an Easter break. It’s well for some.

      Easter greetings to the wider DTW readership – of all denominations (or none).

  2. A happy Easter to the “Least Influential”. But not so lacking in influence…your recent musings on the style of the original Ford ‘focus’ has caused me to buy one as my daily smoker when it wasn’t even on my radar…and for which I am actually rather grateful.

    1. Happy to have been of service Peter, although I cannot take credit for my colleague’s work. Mind you, to be tediously pedantic about matters (which I rather enjoy being – especially on Good Friday), who you really ought to thank is a certain Boris Jacob, who is the designer credited with its styling scheme. Either way however, we wish you well with your Focus. Do let us know how you both get on…

  3. Thank you, Eoin. Thus far, very well, but it is a slight case of the sublime (x300 XJ6) to the ridiculous (Focus ST170), but my hand was somewhat forced by a lengthy list of minor repairs plus the famous ULEZ issue. Not that dissimilar in a way to my move a while back from a beautiful, ancient but damp and ruinous Cotswold cottage to a modern, toasty flat within the M25…sometimes it is easier to make a change if you really make a change, rather than trying to replicate what you had before. That’s my theory, anyway…anything Jag-ish (Audi, Merc, Lexus) would have felt like low fat food; instead I jump from the comfort of roast beef in a oak beamed pub to the sharpness of sushi amid bright lights and stainless steel. Or something.

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