Summer Reissue : Romance is Dead

Or if not dead entirely, it’s certainly deep into the arena of the unwell…

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When was the last time you simply got into your car and drove – simply for the loving hell of it?

You are reading this today because, we are minded to assume, you are an enthusiast of the automobile. Of course it’s also possible you are here by accident, and if so, we can only apologise for your trouble.

As aficionados and captive users of the motor car, we probably don’t need to be convinced of its capacity to liberate, to empower and to unite. Our relationship with the automobile has long been suffused with ideals of escape, of freedom and of transformation, in no small part a consequence of the resonant iconography those who both make and sell these vehicles have fashioned on our behalf for over a century.

The fantasy of the open road, indelibly embedded within our collective psyches has become (if indeed it ever existed) a dystopian vision of panic, wild frustration, delayed gratification and relief at simply arriving. To embark purely in and of itself has become at best, a delusional act.

Today therefore, we cast our gaze back to November 2015, when reader and contributor Chris Ward (regrettably late of this address, it seems), presented this finely crafted piece which examines our thwarted romance with the ideal of the open road, which I urge you to revisit.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

6 thoughts on “Summer Reissue : Romance is Dead”

  1. After reading this I immediately had to get my barchetta out for a short drive…

  2. Oh thank you for this. Fortunately I am still alive and acutely aware of my lack of contributions. Unfortunately an enforced job change, plus the myriad and ever constant pressures of family and a home renovation, have conspired to deprive me of the time required to write. Do however be assured that I continue to loiter in the shadowy realm of the comments. And one day, hopefully soon, when the stars are in alignment and I conclude this interminable slog of laying floors and varnishing doors, I will finally write a conclusion to the Fiesta long term test.

    1. Normally Mr. editor Kearne takes a rather dim view of loiterers, Chris, but in his (temporary) absence, you will find me a somewhat more indulgent and understanding host. Especially to those who loiter with intent. I look forward to your next Fiesta issue – when you find the time, naturally…

  3. Just taken my Boxster for a spin around Howth on a lovely, sunny morning here in Dublin. Life is good to me, and I’m very grateful for its graces.

  4. This spring I went to the Smithsonian to look at some specimens. Philadelphia, more-or-less, to the District of Columbia, more-or-less. 146 miles each way, nearly all superhighway. I timed it very wrong, was on the road for seven and a half hours. Not enjoyable.

  5. Thanks for (re)sharing this. I hadn’t previously read Chris Ward’s article.

    I actually did go for a not-really-necessary-at-all drive today, though not without some debate with myself. Traffic and road conditions in general are getting better and better at putting off such endeavours. I did enjoy it, mainly because my car is so good at maximising the enjoyment to be got out of the relatively frequent opportunities for little 50 to 80kph sprints when travelling cross-country. A large part of that is the sound of the petrol engine. One does wonder how long this will last.

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