Dog’s Life

Last minute gift crisis? We’re here to help.

I like Christmas. Well, as much as I like breathing, it kind of happens and is all over if you blink after one too many sherries. Which I fully plan to enjoy. But the dismal commercial cash in grates heavily with me. Bored out of my brain with our latest shopping dash for something or other, (not nutmeg for once) my eyes searched for something which would allow me to indulge my automotive self in some way, shape or form.

I found this. Who thought a Morris Minor and a Triumph Herald being driven by a dog with a Christmas tree on their roofs would be a thing? Is this actually Christmassy? Am I being too cynical? Or will Issigonis, Webster and Michelotti be turning in their graves?

I expect the bedding will be a sale item early in 2020 though it will not be gracing my mattress any time soon. Tio pepé, anyone?


Author: Andrew Miles

Beyond hope there lie dreams; after those, custard creams?

3 thoughts on “Dog’s Life”

  1. Just as well it’s for a single duvet, Andrew, as that’s where I’d be spending my nights if I popped a gift such as this under the tree for my beloved!

  2. Love it. I’ve owned one Moggy Minor, two Heralds and two Vitesses in my time. Don’t think the current Mrs S would approve though 🤔

  3. Not a big fan of
    – anthropomorphised animals
    – representational prints on any kind of cloth. So, I’m out…
    Merry Christmas to all DTW readers and writers!

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