Festive Teaser 3 – What’s the Car?

No, it’s not the opening to a joke, but another festive puzzle.

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A politician, a dog, and a gramophone record. Together they link to a significant mid-20th century saloon car. What’s the car?

First Image: Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia from 1965 to 1979

Second Image: Harras, Carl Borgward’s dog

Third image: ‘Real Life’ – Simple Minds’ 1991 album


7 thoughts on “Festive Teaser 3 – What’s the Car?”

  1. My guess – Jowett Javelin?
    Simple Minds’ album has a track called See the Lights, the video featured a Jowett Javelin.
    Gerald Palmer the designer of the Javelin was born in Rhodesia as was Ian Smith.
    Carl Borgward founded the Goliath car company. Goliath is a breed of dog, the Goliath 1100 had a flat four water cooled engine as did the Javelin.

  2. Neil, Congratulations – you have the right answer, although two of the reasons are even more recondite than your guesses.

    CFWB’s dog Harras was an Airedale Terrier. Jowett’s factory was in Idle, a northern satellite of Bradford bounded to the north by the River Aire.

    Gerald Palmer, the lead designer of the Javelin, was born in England, but grew up in Southern Rhodesia, where his father was district engineer for the Beira, Mashonaland and Rhodesia Railway in Umtali. The family’s housekeeper was Mrs. Hodgson, a widowed Cumbrian lady, whose daughter Agnes married John ‘Jock’ Smith, a prominent rancher and businessman in the town of Selukwe. Ian Smith was their third child and only son.

    The Simple Minds part is spot-on. Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmKTMAak710

    1. I wish I’d been more awake with this one! And as editor of the Jowett Car Club newsletter I’m probably never going to be able to live it down . . . But thank you Robertas, both for making me aware of the Simple Minds video and for providing more publicity for the Jowett Javelin. Several of which intend to make their way overland from Europoort to Denmark to invade Fredensborg next August. And the fine example in the video is still very much alive.

  3. And I was still trying to figure out which car could have something to do with the 8 April.
    Birth date of Ian Smith: 8 April 1919
    Release date of ‘Real Life’ 8 April 1991
    Burth date of Harras: unknown…

    Whether it’s a cannily placed misleading hint or pure coincidence – it led my search in a completely wrong direction.

  4. That’s all way to clever for me. 😨 Wake me up when we go back to identifying obscure cars from fuzzy photos of their c-pillar to roof junction!

  5. I thought it was an Ian Smith, but from Yorkshire (because of the dog), which got me to an Ian Smith who was high up in The David Brown organization. Thus, the car must be an Aston Martin. I was struggling to make the Simple Minds connection, though.

    Great fun, though, and well done Neil.

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