New Year Quiz

Three seemingly unrelated photos and illustrations. What’s the car?

Photo 1

The clues are as follows

photo 1: Queen Astrid of Belgium, who was killed in a car accident in 1935. She had been queen of Belgium for two years at the time of her death but still officially carried the title princess of Sweden as well; hence the larger Swedish flag.

Photo 2

photo 2: Phalloplasty, which is a female-to-male sex change operation procedure.

Photo 3. (c)

photo 3: A Hindustan Ambassador.

Author: brrrruno

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5 thoughts on “New Year Quiz”

  1. Happy new year.
    My guess – Austin Princess?
    The late Queen Astrid was a princess.
    The Austin Princess became the Austin Ambassador, an automotive sex change (although an ambassador can be female).
    The Hindustan Ambassador had a B series engine as did the Austin Princess.

    1. That must be the right answer. Even if it isn’t, it should be. Wonderful.

    2. Neil, until the author has definitively confirmed, I can only surmise, but I think you are probably correct.

  2. I’ll give it to Neil as he named the car in his reasons for guessing Austin Princess, and the Austin Princess could indeed very well also be the answer. But if memory serves the 1975 “wedge” Princess was never marketed under the Austin name (although this was a last minute change) ? The car I hid in the pictures was the Austin Ambassador: A Princess gets a sex change, and becomes the Austin Ambassador.
    After submitting my quiz I realised also that an ambassador could also be a female, although one generally envisions a male when thinking of an ambassador. I hope any sopcial justiuce warriors reading this can forgive my little misstep 🙂

  3. Oddly the Hindustani Ambassador had a stablemate that had started with a male name (Victor) and got a female one (Contessa).
    BL’s wedge started as the 18-22 range with Austin, Morris and Wolseley versions, changing to the Austin-Morris Princess about 6 months later.

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