Mad For It

More MINI-based shinanigans. With added Gallagher brother-based goodness.

(c) wheelsage

As a writer, it’s an endless struggle finding new ways of saying what is broadly speaking, the same thing. We are forever seeking an angle, or equally, a framing device, either as a way into a story, or a means of bookending it. This is all the more challenging for the relatively short-form (and I emphasise the term relatively) articles which tend to feature upon these esteemed pages.

Certainly, this author frequently struggles with form, almost as much as he does with content – or context for that matter. I say this by way of explanation for the somewhat conceptual approach taken in today’s reissue. Writing a drive piece on the R50 MINI (the first generation of the BMW re-casting) proved a bit taxing, hence the shoehorning of Britpop stalwarts, Oasis as something of a running gag throughout.

Yes, I’ll admit, it’s probably a little mannered, and I’m not sure I’d necessarily approach it the same way now, but we occasionally have to address our past works and abide with them.

But given Daniel O’ Callaghan’s fine two-part overview of the BMW-era MINI dynasty which ran earlier this week, it seems opportune to give this 2015 piece another airing, despite having done so comparatively recently. For those like myself who never particularly cared for the work of the Gallagher brothers – or indeed those who haven’t heard of them and are wondering what in heavens’ name I’m on about, you have my sympathy.

Equally, for those who find the Oasis-based thematic device of this linked piece to be somewhat on the contrived side, all I can do is acquiesce.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

One thought on “Mad For It”

  1. A timely reissue of your R50 review, thank you Eóin. I won’t scoop my own piece on the F56, coming up later this week, by drawing comparisons now, but the contrast between the two cars is telling.

    Regarding Oasis, I’ve always regarded the band as lacking substance, articulating teenage cynicism, anger and disillusionment, but failing to develop much beyond that. The soap opera of the fueds, Oasis vs Blur, Liam vs Noel, just became tiresome.

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