Dreams Take Flight

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him, but despite the current C-19 crisis you certainly cannot accuse Mr. Wagener of sitting on his hands.

(c) Daimler AG via Instagram

What if: Like you, I recognise that the job of design leader or Chief Creative Officer in this instance involves a certain amount of blue sky projection. An implicit understanding that design in its purest, most elemental form ought to shake off the surly bonds of earth and take, well, I suppose, flight.

I also grasp that the times are somewhat extraordinary and despite current global imperatives, creatives must, I suppose, create. Nevertheless, there are limits, are there not? In some ways I understand the dilemma. You’re locked down – in this instance in Carlsbad, San Diego County, there’s only so much sherry you can reasonably consume within a given 24 hour period and frankly, you’ve observed the washing machine going about its worldly affairs for what, three distinct cycles now?

I know, let’s create something fabulous. Problem is, you’re several sheets to the wind and it’s all coming out a bit, well, mad. Still, screw it. You’re Gorden Wagener for heaven’s sake. You’ve got tens of thousands of social media followers hanging upon your every utterance. What do they want from you anyway? Let’s see just how committed they are to this whole Blessed One business.

What do mean, dirigible? It’s far more than that – it’s a Maybach Zeppelin, you nitwit. Dear heavens, do I have to do all the heavy lifting around here? Another sherry? Why the hell not. I am Chief Design Officer at Daimler AG; visionary, futurist, utopian and resident genius – and I have spoken.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

9 thoughts on “Dreams Take Flight”

  1. I hope he will use helium…US nowadays will hopefully sell it to Germany.
    But wait, is it a Maybach symbol I see on the stern? Is he trying to set sails for Lucrative Skies, as Andrew wrote in his interesting article about the Lexus Yachts?
    I have to say it resembles very much a ballpoint pen as it could be designed by Colani without the restrictions due to having Pelikan as commissioner.

  2. Looks like 70’s prog rock album cover or something from a Jacques Tati film.

    It makes luxury – exclusivity – look sterile and lonely. Floating, on display, in your own snow globe.

    1. “Looks like 70’s prog rock album cover..”
      There is no better way to describe this senselessness.

    2. Who’d have thought the Blessed One was a fan of the ouvre of prog-rock cover-art doyen, Roger Dean? Or Half Man Half Biscuit for that matter. Of course, some might say it was only a matter of time.

      God I could murder a Cabury’s flake…

  3. Egads! What lunacy has sprouted from this mountebank’s mind now? Do you think he’s been force-fed episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on repeat whilst simultaneously having Pink Floyd piped directly into his conscience?
    Or is there something in the water in the Land of the Blessed?
    Either way, Trolley and Off his, seem an apt description.
    Do Mercedes pay him in blue M&M’s?

  4. You have to give the guy some credit. The upper gas bag is obviously derived from a yacht hull in its shape, with the rudimentary keel strake fin removed from the bottom and placed on top. Because it looks better. The drooping wings are modelled on those of a nene in full down position and contain the nuclear fusion propulsion units. The payload bubble sits naturally between the wingtips, allowing the .01 percenters on trip a view of the scuttling serfs below as it leaves port. How Maybach can you get?

    California, like Canada, has legalized recreational cannabis, but Gordo obviously benefits from a higher grade than we get here judging by this flight of fancy. Still, the food trucks of Carlsbad parked outside the Caverns offer easy access to really good Mexican munchies, and recent photos of the Sensual Purity Man show he has been indulging.

    Sherry? In California? Regarded as a bit lowbrow and confined usually to those living under highway bridge arches. Napa wines of the best vintage from the state’s vineyards are surely more appropriate and not so sugary for hefty CoffeeTable authors. But if one must indulge, local Gallo Fairbanks 1.5l magnums of sherry can be had for less than $11, or in a case of six for $49, a not too significant $25 per gallon, Imperial. Indeed, perhaps a combo of BC bud and a pint or two of Fairbanks may have contributed to the design of this latest Maybach under that special left coast light which Herr Wagener originally went to investigate. I bet Elon has his eye on the man. The latest crossover Model Y looks a bit dumpy.

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