New Year’s Greetings

And about flippin’ time as well…

There have been times this year where I have questioned the relevance of continuing what at times appeared rather a frivolous and indulgent platform amid something as urgent and potentially lethal as the C-19 pandemic’s indifferent swathe through lives and livelihoods. In the end however, I think the correct decision was to abide, and one I trust that you can concur with.

As we gingerly dip our toes into 2021, I’d like to take a moment to thank DTW’s contributors; in particular Daniel and Andrew (without whom I really don’t think I could have continued this year), but also to Bruno and Robertas, who have also gone above and beyond throughout 2020. Additionally, Christopher and Richard, not to mention a number of others (they know who they are) have been such a support throughout these trying times.

Driven to Write, despite the inconveniences and challenges this past year has thrown up (and they have been at times considerable) has ended the year with a 70% uplift in viewing figures over that of 2019, an outcome which is very gratifying. We are not driven by viewing figures as such, but such markers are nevertheless a measure of our reach. Uninfluential we may remain, but now to a broader audience.

To all our readers, and especially those of you who regularly comment below the line with such good grace, wit and conviviality, our enormous thanks. It is you who bring this site to life.

On behalf of DTW and all therein, I wish you all a safe, healthy and considerably more expansive 2021.

Gorden Wagener is unavailable.

Author: Eóin Doyle

Co-Founder. Editor. Content Provider.

11 thoughts on “New Year’s Greetings”

  1. 5am is DTWam. Every am.
    Here’s to many more proudly uninfluential contributions.

    DTW- the blog that ploughs diagonally through the left fields of Received Wisdom while spreading virally in the community of the perennially jaded with the mainstream, laughing in the face of the Default Choices west of the Oder, North of the Isar, East of the Rhein, South of the Elbe.

    An equal-opportunities organisation: other candidates for obloquy always welcome.

  2. A happy New Year to you and all the contributors too. Andrew, who I first met on a Mercedes Benz Club coach trip to Techno Classica at Essen, introduced me to DTW a while back and I am pleased that he did.

    Always informative and never boring so I am pleased that you have not thrown in the towel. Where else would you find DLO and JDM in the text and then have to find out what each one actually means?

  3. Far from being an irrelevance, DTW has been an essential survival aid during the last 12 months. And there is every indication that it will continue to be for the (un)foreseeable future; guytonglavin providing the perfect example above of why that is so. Please keep up the good work and sincere thanks and good wishes to you all.

    1. And ‘hear, hear’ from me, too. Very best wishes to everyone for the year ahead.

  4. I wish us all for 2021:
    that Corona is only a beer again,
    that when we see each other we can take a step forward again and don’t have to take a step back,
    that the test will again only take place in schools,
    that positive is something positive again,
    that insulation is only for houses and cables again,
    that you only party in a mask at carnival.

    Thank you all at DTW, and all the best in 2021.

  5. Happy new year to all contributors. Keep the rubber side down in 2021.

  6. Yes, thank you Eoin, and everybody else involved in the good ship DTW for intelligent and entertaining writing on that intriguing, exasperating, occasionally bewitching device, the motor vehicle. You have helped keep us sane in a difficult year! I value too the sense of community here: nowhere else have I seen such a high standard of well mannered and interesting comment as I see here every day. (For this year I must set up a proper login for myself so I too can have an avatar!)
    Here’s to a better 2021 for us all!

  7. Thanks for continuing throughout 2020 – this blog is not at all frivolous, but is instead that small slice of normality which has somehow made the past year bearable for many people. Keep up all of the good work – it really is very much appreciated! Wishing you and the blog a fantastic 2021!

  8. And a belated Happy New Year and thank you to all contributors. You’re the first thing I turn to in the morning, and quite often the day goes downhill from there. And thank you to the most polite and entertaining commentariat out there!

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