The DTW Bumper Holiday Quiz – Answers (Part Two)

Here are the answers to the New Year’s Day edition of the DTW Bumper Holiday Quiz:

Not a clue, by the way. Image: speeddoctor


  1. Find the name of the influential automotive engineer contained in the anagram:

Gin Socialises 

Alec Issigonis

  1. Identify this vehicle:

Lynk & Co 01 

  1. Identify the automotive designer and the name given to his best-known style in this anagram:

Mechanics ruffling algebras

Chris Bangle  – Flame Surfacing 

  1. Which manufacturer, having announced a new model numbering scheme for its vehicles, had to revise the scheme after a competitor threatened legal action? Which company threatened to sue?

Volvo, who had to add a zero so, for example, the S4 became the S40, following a threat from Audi.

  1. What is the number of the occupied car parking space below?

87 (The numbers are upside-down.) 

  1. Identify this car:

Lancia Ypsilon

  1. What is an Iltis and what automotive legend did it make possible?

It is a 4×4 utility vehicle designed by Audi for the German army and its 4WD transmission formed the basis of the original Audi Quattro. 

  1. Which auto maker manufactured an engine nicknamed ‘pancake’ and why was it so-called?

Volkswagen. The ancillaries were rearranged to lower the overall height and create increased luggage space in the Type 3. 

  1. Wartburg promoted its 353 model, sold as the Knight in the UK, on the basis of its two-stroke engine’s mechanical simplicity. How many moving parts did the engine have and what were they?

Seven. Three pistons, three connecting rods and a crankshaft. 

  1. What was the 1980 Dacia 2000 better known as?

The Renault 20.

  1. The car brand which uses the strapline “Let’s go there” won’t be going anywhere from 1 January 2021. Why?

Holden.  The GM Australia and New Zealand brand is to be ‘retired’ at the end of 2020.

  1. Zany, Bomb, Apex, Zobo. Which is the odd one out?

Apex, which is the development codename for the Hillman Imp.  The rest are Standard-Triumph codenames. 

  1. Which model names link the following carmakers?

Austin and Buick – Somerset

Honda and Plymouth – Horizon

Proton and Toyota – Tiara

Ford and Hansa – Consul

  1. Only one road vehicle with a V8 engine option has ever been offered by Honda. What was it?

The Crossroad (A rebadged Land-Rover Discovery Mk1.)

  1. I hear, I roll, I have spoken. Who are – or were – they?

Audi, Volvo, Dixi.  All first-person singular Latin verbs adopted as carmakers’ brand names.

  1. Which British Leyland product was launched with the advertising slogan “Anything but average”?

Leyland Australia P76 

  1. In which year was the last Ford Corsair built?

1992 – The name was used for a re-badged Nissan Pintara sold in Australia. 

  1. Examples of which distinguished but rare post-WW2 British luxury car were owned by Carmen Miranda, Douglas Bader, Nicholas Parsons, and Prince Philip?

Alvis 3 Litre

  1. The 1957-60 Ford Taunus P2 is often cited as an example of which snobbishly ridiculed German decorative style?


  1. “Big cat, small dog” is a cryptic reference to which currently produced engine?

Ford Lion V8 diesel, built in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

  1. The car brands Asüna, Beaumont, Envoy, and Passport were only sold in which country? 

All are GM brands used in Canada.

  1. Which car manufacturer used the brand strapline “Isn’t Life Brilliant” from 2017?


  1. What is wrong with this? (The answer is not “It’s a Fiat”.)

It clearly has five main bearings, and only the outer pairs of cylinders are siamesed.  Also, it is not “all-new”, as it’s the 124-based Brazilian-built FIASA engine, first seen in 1050cc form in the Fiat 127.

  1. Who said this of the Rover K series in early 1990: “I just hope they build them to be reliable”?

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Gerald Palmer
Hugh Montefiore, former Anglican Bishop of Birmingham
Lord Stokes

Gerald Palmer (In an interview published in Popular Classics March 1990. His misgivings were well founded…)

  1. What design detail is shared by the Chrysler Avenger and Mercedes-Benz CLC?

Both have a rather makeshift looking cap over the corner of their rear wings following the adoption of differently shaped rear light clusters in a facelift of the previous models.

Author: Daniel O'Callaghan

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4 thoughts on “The DTW Bumper Holiday Quiz – Answers (Part Two)”

  1. This was a great quiz. I definitely should have known the Ford Lloyd connection in question 13 (slaps face in disbelief) and also question 23. I spent a lot of time on question 20, but without avail. What a great find!

    1. Hi Freerk. Thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed it. My DTW colleague, Robertas, was source of the majority of the questions in this part, including the two you mention, neither of which I would have been able to answer.

      Thanks to everyone for participating in both parts of the Bumper Holiday Quiz and demonstrating how knowledgeable you are in matters automotive!

  2. 15: ‘I hear’ in Latin is ‘audio’. ‘Audi’, I think, is the second-person singular imperative: ‘hear!’

  3. Vauxhall´s slogan is remarkably bad. Never has so much effort gone for so long in to undermining a decent set of cars.

    I believe the next slogan planned before PSA took over Vauxhall/Opel was “Vauxhall: much better than fungal nail infection”. It featured an ad campaign with unknown actor Griffin Reece-Jones in a series of comedy vignettes, all crowned by him choosing a Vauxhall because “it´s much better than a fungal nail infection”. The ad campaign was devised by JDL- Gurney-Whackhall-Lazenby Partners, previously known for work on livestock pharmaceuticals and specialist textile machinery promotion. Vauxhall had invested 1.4 million pounds in the ads which were filmed on Easter Island. PSA had to spend a similar amount removing self-adhesive decals from the interior of the rear windows of 4,500 Insignias, since they featured the slogan and Reece-Jones´ smiling face.

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