Festive Frolics (2) – Yule Be Sorry

Overindulged much? Time for some more questions.

Post War Classsic

Test your knowledge of all things automotive. Again, there’s something for everyone – if all else fails, try lateral thinking…

[16] What nickname was given to the Renault 14 and why did it prove highly embarrassing for its manufacturer?


[17] Who allegedly said “Pininfarina must not be allowed to run riot here.” and in reference to what was it said?

[18] What once highly successful car was tainted with special editions such as Cabaret, Cameo and Calypso in an effort to stimulate sales in its final years?


[19] Why is this Iranian built version of the Peugeot 405, called the Roa, unique?

[20] Which car, produced from 2007-2014, offered the widest spread of engine capacities of any series-production passenger vehicle?

[21] The 1990 Daewoo Espero was a rejected Bertone design proposal for what other car?

[22] Which current Volkswagen Group subsidiary assembled Triumph Spitfires and TR4s in mainland Europe in the early 1960s?

[23] Identify this car:


[24] Volkswagen abandoned its plan to build a large rear-engined saloon car, codenamed EA128 in the mid-1960’s because of a growing controversy concerning another car from a different manufacturer. What was that car?

[25] Nova Scotian popular television entertainer and small-town lawyer Graham Day never claimed to be a ‘car guy’ while he was Chairman and CEO of Austin Rover Group from 1986 until 1991.

However he has had a passion for one particular vehicle which long preceded his involvement in the motor industry, and continues to this day, with several examples owned and restored. Which of these is it?

Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier
Datsun 240Z
Mercury Comet
Volkswagen Beetle
Volvo Amazon

[26] Apart from decals, what distinguished the 1973 Volkswagen ‘Jeans’ Beetle from the standard car?

[27] What was the last Vauxhall model to have different sheet-metal to its Opel equivalent? 

[28] Which model names link the following pairs of car and motorcycle manufacturers?

Pontiac and Triumph
Kia and Suzuki
Alfa Romeo and Moto Guzzi
Hillman and Kawasaki
Lamborghini and Laverda
Honda and er… Honda

[29] Italdesign’s 1990 Jaguar Kensington, an unsolicited proposal for an XJ replacement, ended up as the basis for a rather more mundane car. What was it?

[30] Complete the triptych:

14 thoughts on “Festive Frolics (2) – Yule Be Sorry”

  1. A good morning to you Robertas- a nice surprise to find some more questions posted!
    16) La poire (the pear) it was I believe
    19) I know the answer having covered the vehicle in a previous article on DTW so I won’t spoil the awful truth for others visiting here
    21) Citroën Xantia
    22) Karmann (?)
    23) SEAT 850 Especial
    26) Jeans (or jeans-like as actual denim would probably not pass flammability standards) upholstery
    28) Not being a particular motorcycle guy, this one is hard but I think I know a couple:
    Pontiac/Triumph: Bonneville.
    Alfa Romeo/Moto Guzzi: Sei.
    Honda/Honda: Vamos (?)
    29) Daewoo Leganza

  2. Good morning Robertas, an interesting quiz, thank you.
    My attempt is as follows:

    16 Rotten Pear – Renault used a pear in adverts
    17 Alec Issigonis, Maxi
    18 Ford Capri
    19 Rear wheel drive
    20 Jaguar XF
    21 Citroen Xantia
    22 Ducati
    23 Seat 850
    24 Chevrolet Corvair
    25 Volkswagen Beetle
    26 Denim upholstery
    27 HC Viva
    28 Bonneville
    29 Daewoo Leganza
    30 Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph

  3. 26) Besides the special upholstery fabric – I seem to remember that it wasn’t really denim – this special model differed from the standard version by having different wheels, heated rear window, halogen headlights and a pad on the dashboard.

    1. Hello Fred – if you’re interested in special editions of the original Beetle, this site is very good. Volkswagen used to be good at coming up with colourful and fun ways of maintaining interest in its vehicles.


    2. Charle, thanks for the link, but I’m not really interested in the Beetle.
      No idea why I remember the equipment of the first Jeans Beetle. Sometimes strange information gets stuck in the brain. A fact my wife struggles with a lot, as she thinks I don’t remember the (for her) really important things – a tiresome subject. (Well, at least I remember our wedding day, which is the day before New Year’s Eve, even an ignoramus like me can manage that).

      I already had a beetle. Back in the old days. My first car. Special edition 917-Gulf-look. Sort of. Self-made.
      But without success. No girls involved on the back seat.
      So the Beetle is out of the race of emotional memories in a way.

    3. Hello Fred, I’m the same – some of the stuff my brain retains is very odd. They say that you don’t really forget anything, it just gets ‘reclassified’ in one’s mind.

    4. Ah, welcome to my world, Charles and Fred! My brain is like an overflowing wheelie-bin, full of useless old tat, but with no room left for new stuff. 😨

    5. Mine too! I suspect this condition might be over-represented among DTW’s readers and commentariat…

    6. Oh, there are worse things for sure. As long as you still recognise yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning and your partner tells you that you are still a lovable person, everything is still good.
      It’s just that we’ll probably never get rid of our strange taste – especially in cars.
      But there are worse things…

  4. Filling in the gaps
    20- VW Passat
    27- Vauxhall Victor/Ventora “Transcontinental”

  5. 27. The last production Vauxhall that with some different bodywork was the Chevette with it’s droopsnoot front which remained available until 1984, though the last introduction with differences was the Carlton in 1978. The facelift in 1982 brought it into line with the (also facelifted) Rekord.
    But there was the 2003 VX Lightning concept which was bodily different to the Opel GT/Saturn Sky. Didn’t make prodction though.
    There is the Holden built Vauxhall VXR8, though there isn’t an Opel equivalent. That ceased prodction in 2017.

  6. 27 I believe is the Carlton introduced in late 78, it having a droop snoot instead of the Rekord’s grille. It also had a black applique between the tail lights instead of the number plates. There were also minor alterations to the interior.
    20. Must be the Mercedes C class which had engines ranging from 1.6 to 6.2 litres.
    19. The Roa was indeed rear wheel drive but used the underpinnings from the Paykan aka Hillman Hunter.

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