New Year Cracker

A few more things to chew on, and they’re low on calories.

Dinner is served. Image:

Before DTW service returns to normal, one final festive brain teaser. Step away from those biscuits…

[1] What car model name started life as the name of a four door version of an existing coupé (which frankly did not resemble said coupé much at all) before it became a model name in itself three years later?

[2] What is noteworthy about this Malaysian market version of the Austin Allegro?

[3] There was an interesting difference in the instrument panel (beyond the obvious modifications) between the LHD and RHD versions of the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT: what was it?

[4] Yep, that’s captain Kirk leaning against it. But what is the name of the vehicle, and what was it based on?

[5] What is the same unifying connection between each of these couplings of car manufacturers? Give the solution for each coupling.

Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler
Renault and Audi
Holden and Buick
Tatra and Bristol
Chevrolet and Renault
Ford and Oldsmobile

[6] A peek inside a styling studio. What car is being worked on here, and for a bonus point: by whom/ what company?

[7] And finally- name this car.

Solutions to be published shortly.

Happy New Year!

Author: brrrruno

Car brochure collector, Thai food lover, not a morning person before my first cup of coffee

16 thoughts on “New Year Cracker”

  1. Good morning, Bruno. Let’s see.

    1. I have no idea
    2 I have no idea.
    3. Did the LHD versions have the revs in front and the speedometer in the middle with the smaller gauges, while the RHD versions had a more tradional layout, with the instruments in front of the driver?
    4. Jupiter 8 or “the reactor’
    5. They had models with the same designation
    Mercedes Benz and Chrysler: 300?
    Renault and Audi: Don’t know, 50 perhaps?
    Holden and Buick: Commodore
    Chevrolet and Renault: Eagle
    Ford and Oldsmobile: model T
    6. I have no idea.
    7. It looks like a Golf, but it’s not. I have no idea.

    1. Renault and Audi: R8
      Holden and Buick: Special
      Chevrolet and Renault: Laguna
      Ford and Oldsmobile: Sierra, Ciera

  2. I found number 7, but going to leave it here for someone else to discover 🙂 I wake up earlier than most and that would be an unfair advantage, I guess. I don’t want to spoil the fun here for other DTW readers.

  3. Happy new year brrrruno. Thank you for the quiz.

    No. 1, is a real puzzler, no idea at all.
    No. 2, the Allegro has the early grille but late bumpers?
    No. 3, I was in a GTV a few months back, an odd dash arrangement for sure, the LHD had the speedo in the centre, the RHD had the rev counter central?
    No.4, Was based on a Citroen DS
    No.5, following Freerk’s answer for Ford and Olds, they also both made a Model A and a Model N.
    No.6, I don’t know, looks a bit GTM Coupe(ish), an Ogle design maybe?
    No.7, Biagini Passo

    1. Here’s a RHD Alfetta GTV with centrally mounted rev counter:

    2. Regarding answer 3, you got it, but it’s the other way round 🙂

  4. My first thought on number 6 was the Buick Reatta, but I really don’t know.

  5. 6: I don’t know anything else about this car, but I it seems to feature Volvo 480 doors?

  6. 2. None of the 1.3 UK spec Allegros had a rev counter.

    7. There was a 4×4 Mark 1 Golf called the Country. Didn’t know it came as a cabriolet.

  7. Here are the solutions to the little bonus quiz:

    1) Answer: The Toyota Camry. It started life as the “Celica 4 door Camry” in 1979 and became just “Camry” in 1982.

    2) Answer: The body is that of the Allegro II but it has Allegro III bumpers.
    3) Answer: In the LHD version the rev counter was in the single pod right in front of the driver, while in the RHD version it swapped places with the speedometer.

    4) Answer: The Winfield Reactor, based on a Citroën DS.
    5) Answer: These couples all sold a vehicle under the same name at some point in time (in some cases more than one answer is correct):

    Mercedes – Chrysler: 300
    Renault – Audi: R8
    Holden – Buick: Apollo (Commodore, Special, Cascada)
    Tatra – Bristol: 603
    Chevrolet – Renault: Master (Laguna)
    Ford – Oldsmobile: Fiesta (Model A, Model N)

    6) Answer: The 1990 Volvo 480 “MCP”, by Canewdon Consultants.
    7) Answer: It’s a Biagini Passo, made by the Italian company ACM between 1990 and 1993. The body is as can be seen mostly that of the Golf I Cabrio, but in the Passo’s case it is bolted onto a dedicated frame with mechanicals from the 4wd Golf II Syncro.

    1. No mention of Hydragas suspension in that Allegro advertisement. I wonder if they thought that mentioning it might scare off some buyers.

      The woman posing in the back seat reminds me of a UK Allegro advert, where the model appears to be reading a copy of Penthouse magazine…

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