2022 Car Trivia Quiz

Twenty-two questions to chew on, to see 2022 out and keep you entertained during the downtime between meals and family visits.

1) The model name ‘Zephyr’ was applied to some classic Lincolns and a few rather less classic Mercury and Ford models. Which other manufacturer used the same model name, albeit translated into a different language?

2) Which European car introduced in the latter half of the 1960s had, for the Japanese export market only, its external door handles replaced by shallower ones that were sited further forward on the doors and its side rubbing strips removed in order to avoid being put into a higher tax bracket?

3) Name the car in the image above.

4) How can one distinguish an E28 BMW 524td from its gasoline-powered stablemates when looking at it from the front only?

5) How can a very early Citroën GSA be distinguished from a later one simply by looking at the dashboard?

6) Name the car in the image above.

7) The Pontiac Firebird and Ford Mustang II sported huge decals of mythical birds and snakes on the bonnets of their performance oriented versions, but which other car that received a similar treatment does one see in the photo above?

8) What car had, over the course of its long life, three different versions of its fuel filler opening?

9)  Identify the make and model of the car shown from the very distorted fish-eye view above.

10) What car featured unique chromed script badges on its front wings denoting the colour in which the car was painted?

11) How can one date this Rover P5 (built between 1959 and 1973) down to only three possible years of manufacture?

12) In the early 1970s, in which country were there RWD & FWD versions of two different cars from the same manufacturer marketed under the same model name and who was the manufacturer?

13) Which one of these fictional detectives’ names was used for a special edition of a European passenger car in the 1980s, Hercule Poirot, Harry Callahan or Sherlock Holmes, and which car was it?

14) From which car is the very blue interior seen above?

15) Name the US carmakers that had a car with stacked (over and under) headlights in their line-up for the 1965 model year.

16) Can you identify this vehicle from examining its bare chassis above?

17) Which vehicle -and it was not a Rambler, a Hino or an Alpine- once sported both the famous Renault lozenge badge as well as the name of another carmaker?

18) What was the first Toyota with FWD and a transversely-mounted engine?

19) Yes, it’s a transatlantic version of the Rover SD1, but is this a Canadian or American variant, and how can you tell the difference?

20) An interior door panel with a distinctive pattern- from which car is this?

21) Name the car in the photo above.

22) This photo of the famous Citroën HY van depicts a 1968 or newer example, sold like this in one country only. In which country was that?

Author: brrrruno

Car brochure collector, Thai food lover, not a morning person before my first cup of coffee

29 thoughts on “2022 Car Trivia Quiz”

  1. Good morning Bruno, here we go 🙂

    1) KeiDesign Zefiro
    6) Gilbern Invader Estate
    18) 1983 Camry

    The rest will take some time to figure out 😉

  2. 8) The Peugeot 206 had at least 2 different fuel cap options: a body colour one and Peugeot eventually introduced a bare metal “sport” fuel cap which looks terribly out of context on the otherwise iconic shape. Was researching if either the Brazilian or Iranian manufactured variants used a 3rd option, but no luck so far.
    9) Fiat 1100. Likely some coachbuilt version, no idea about the exact company.
    20) The pattern itself screamed Italian – first thought was Innocenti or Autobianchi – but the knobs do not, they are more like German. Orange was kind of a trademark color for NSU and this seems like a TT door panel.

  3. 8) Though silly me – I was overthinking and could not see the forest the trees. The obvious solution might be the Peugeot 205 which had filler doors for differently overlapping plastic panels. Our 205s always had the panels with vertical lines, but some had flat, unpatterned panels and some did not had any and came with a plain fuel cap.

  4. 5) An early GSA has the stylized dashboard in common with the GS. A later GSA has conventional round instruments.
    12) Iran; Iran Khodro.
    15) Pontiac; Plymouth; Mercury Comet.
    16) DKW 3=6.

  5. Number 16 is the chassis of the Wartburg 311/1000. It’s the only one I knew😅, although I had to go to Google the get the large Wartburg’s number right😁

    Merry Christmas to everyone here at DTW! 🎊🎁🎉

  6. 5) early cars had yellow instrument drums with black letters, later had black drums with amber letters
    14) Ford Taunus P7a
    16) Wartburg 312 (1000)
    20) NSU 1200 C
    22) Netherlands

  7. 19) This is a Canadian SD1, because it has V8 logos on the front wing. American cars had a Union Jack instead.

    1. I can understand why they played up the British angle for the American market. But why not Canada, especially when Canada belongs to the Commonwealth?

  8. Distracting me from chores – only a quick glance and the easy one is the Gilbern, first thought on 12 was England, Triumph – and then Staxman throws a spanner in the works….. I’ll have to investigate and look again later. In the meantime, very best wishes and thanks to all at DTW.

    1. On second thought, I think Iran Khodro made FWD and RWD versions of one car, not two, so you’re probably right.

      10) 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe.

  9. 8) VW Beetle and Typ3.
    Initial version: fuel neck in boot. Second version: flap that could be opened from outside the car. Last version: flap unlocked from glove box.

  10. 15. Ford, Mercury, Pontiac, and Plymouth.
    This quiz is entertaining, and quite good at keeping us humble. My only defense for a pathetic score is that as an American, most of the vehicles featured are truly foreign to me.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. 11)… Front quarter lights appeared on the Rover 3 litre in 1961, three years after the car was first introduced.

    1. True, but in the photo the three pips at the end of the chrome trim strip mean it’s a Mk 3 model, so it would be 1965-67 I think.

    2. Richard, that’s definitely a better answer given that the answer is actually in the photo.

  12. this is fun.

    1. Nissan Cefiro. And – stretching it a bit – Opel/Vauxhall Zafira.

    5. speedo: yellow drum/ black numbers vs. black drum/ orange numbers

    6. Gilbern Invader Estate

    7. Isuzu 117

    8. Porsche 911

    9. Fiat 1100/103

    13. Mini

    14. Ford (Germany) Taunus 26m (P7)

    17. Dinalpin (Mexico)

  13. oh! And re:17, there was the Dauphine built by Alfa Romeo?

    merry christmas, everybody!

  14. I think we’ve got most of them.

    My contribution is that I think number two is the Ford Cortina.

    The only ones I’m a bit stuck on are 10 and 13, and possibly 8.

    1. At 1703mm I was thinking of the Cortina too (Mk 3). Wouldn’t take much work to shave off those 3mm.

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