Fiendish Festive Teasers

Test both your automotive knowledge and lateral thinking skills here:


1. An odd number. Why does the nominally 1.1-litre Rover K-series engine have an actual capacity of 1,119cc?

a) It was based on a three cylinder K-series developed for a Mini replacement, with an engine capacity of 848cc.

b) To avoid a speed restriction imposed on sub-1100cc cars using Swiss and Austrian autobahns.

c) Because of an incorrect annotation on a production drawing.

d) To use up a large overstock of pistons intended for the discontinued S-series engine.


2. Time for ‘T’. which of the following are NOT Volkswagens?



3. The Cryptic Six. The solutions are all car-related:

a) Donovan, deranged, shapes Audis (6).

b) Standard sending forms, without delay initially (6).

c) Old Riley, re-worked back to front, now mid-engined (6)

d) Saloon, attractive, swaps chip for the beginning of the end (8)

e) Game over in league, stuffing knocked out (8).

f) Reportedly remove skin of fruit (4).


4. Naked Attraction: four unclad cars. What are they with their clothes on?


5. Odd Car Out: which is the misfit, and why?


6. Who is this? Which major figure in the German automobile industry is commemorated by this statue?

a) Carl Borgward
b) Hans Glas
c) Fritz von Opel
d) Felix Wankel


7. What is wrong with this? From Car Magazine, May 1971.

22 thoughts on “Fiendish Festive Teasers”

  1. 7. I’m not sure if it was the engine/transmission unit from the R8/R10, but the 360° can’t be right, otherwise the engine would have been behind the transmission (again).

  2. Not doing very well with this….. only 4(b) Renault 4 & 4(c) Austin Healey Sprite so far

    1. Could (d) be a V6 Ford Zephyr or Zodiac – the one with the long long bonnet ?

    2. I think you’re right, Mervyn, complete with its swinging shackles.

  3. 2) Telluride (KIA), Talento (Fiat), Talago (? There is a VW Talagon), Triber (Renault), Tiburon (Hyundai), and Tarraco (Seat).

  4. #5 The Nissan is a misfit because it is 4×4, and because it is a pick-up, and the Chevrolet is a misfit because it has a American badge. Presumably I’m missing something else….

  5. #3 a): (Marc) Lichte?

    #5, the Chevy is a misfit because it has no link with Suzuki. The Nissan and Toyota have both been rebadged as Suzukis, the Autozam is itself a rebadged Suzuki.

    1. The Suzuki Fun was a rebadged Chevrolet Celta sold in Argentina 🙂

    2. Hi Tom, Your assertion about #5 is not correct, but you seem to have pointed to the correct answer.

    3. All right, let’s try that again: nice one gooddog! So it’s the Autozam, since that’s a Mazda based on a Suzuki while the others are other cars that have Suzukis based on them.

      (if somehow all three comments go through, maybe a moderator can fix it).

    1. Wow Charles, you’ve nailed it, it’s the current Phantom. I noticed the mountings for the rear door hinges, but the gossamer upper structure and what appeared like a prodigious front overhang led me astray.

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