Scrapyard Challenge 2022: Answers

How did you get on?


It is time to reveal the answers:

  1. Renault Scenic Mk1
  2. Nissan Micra Mk3 (K12)
  3. Renault Clio Mk2 (Facelift)
  4. Ford Mondeo Mk3
  5. Ford Probe
  6. Ford Cougar
  7. Mitsubishi C0lt (Z30)
  8. Volkswagen Polo Mk4 (9N)
  9. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202)
  10. Toyota Avensis Mk1 (T220) Liftback
  11. Toyota Avensis Mk2 (T250)*
  12. Lexus IS200 Mk1 (XE10)
  13. Peugeot 306 Break
  14. Ford Focus Mk1
  15. Lexus GS300 Mk1 (S140)
  16. Vauxhall Meriva A
  17. Alfa Romeo 156

* Identified not by me, but subsequently by DTW reader Kevin Woolnough. Many thanks, Kevin.

Author: Daniel O'Callaghan

Shut-line obsessive...Hates rudeness, loves biscuits.

18 thoughts on “Scrapyard Challenge 2022: Answers”

  1. Good morning, Daniel. Thanks for the answers to this great puzzle. I just had a sad thought. What if we have a quiz like this twenty years from now. I won’t be able to tell one crossover or SUV apart from the other. I’m getting old 😉

  2. Good morning all. Yes, as David said, you identified all the cars (even no. 11 with a small prompt). I thought the Mondeo, Avensis, 156 and Meriva were particularly tricky, so excellent spotting and well done all.

    Freerk, given my indifference to most contemporary automotive designs, I certainly won’t be able to put together such a puzzle in twenty years’ time. In any event, one would hope that advances in recycling would have made traditional scrap yards such as this a thing of the past.

  3. Well… I reverse-searched the image hoping to find a little more “context” (not cheating, you understand) and while I found the exact image, there were no clues to help identify any of the cars and no cropped edges that might have provided some more detail.
    So, I am in awe of you puzzle setters and solvers!🤩
    Keep up the great work and best wishes for 2023

    1. Good morning vwmeister and thanks for your kind words. I did the same, hoping to find a larger or better quality image, but ended up having to work with what you see above. Amazingly, wearing my limited-edition DTW beige ‘spotters’ anorak hugely increased my powers of observation.

      Have fun with the model names crossword today. (Something to occupy you on your travels). I’ll send it to you in Word form.

  4. Thanks for putting on this great little quiz, Daniel. Exactly my cup of tea with this era of cars.

    I still think 11 is a Bora, rather than a Golf. Not least because the colour (Wheat Beige Metallic) was a lot more common with the Bora. 😉

    1. Hi Max. You could well be right, although I thought the nose of the Lexus IS200 behind it was rather too close to allow space for the Bora’s boot (although the Bora might well have been rear-ended, of course).

  5. I think the interesting question is which car would you pick for yourself put of this motley selection?
    I personally would go Probe or maybe Cougar (spare the getting probed by an old cougar jokes please) .

    1. Hi Thubbas. That is an interesting question, especially as it is, as you say, a motley collection. I’d have to plump for the 156 as I’ve never owned an Alfa Romeo.

      It would break down, of course…😬

    2. Daniel, an Alfa Romeo does not break down. It is only temporarily unavailable for its intended purpose – but in that unavailable time you can still look at the car.
      (I know, that’s not a statement for a good sales talk.)

    3. It is an interesting question. Realistically it’d be the Mk4 Golf (or the Polo), but I’d like to see what the C-Class was like.

    4. The original W202 C-Class was a cheap and nasty heap of junk after the lovely W201 190. It also looked flaccid and frumpy, especially in dark colours.

      Just sayin’…😁

    5. It’s only taken me eight hours, but I’ve realised what you meant by “probed by an old cougar”. Yikes! 😁

  6. I have had an 1996 Alfa gtv
    A 2004 Alfa 147 1.9 jtd
    A 2003 Alfa 156 1.9 16v jtd

    Loved the gtv and 156, both extremely reliable, the 147 was better built but didn’t feel securely planted or sharp like the othe two.
    I wouldn’t be tempted by anything on offer since 2010 however as I feel they are no longer Alfa Romeo

    1. I’d be tempted by a (current model) Giulia second-hand, but only if I could find a decent independent Alfa Romeo specialist to look after it.

    2. I’d immediately take a Giulia if I could have it serviced at any Mercedes, Audi or VW dealer. And I fear I’m not the only one thinking so.

    3. Here in Ireland, three year-old Giulias seem to be advertised for less than half their list price… caveat emptor.

    4. Then depreciation is significantly lower in Ireland.
      Alfas normally lose around eighty percent in their first three years.
      Fifty percent in three years is calculation base for German Big Three leasing fees.

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