Fiendish Festive Teasers: Answers

Time to reveal the answers:


1. An odd number. Why does the nominally 1.1-litre Rover K-series engine have an actual capacity of 1,119cc?

a) It was based on a three cylinder K-series developed for a Mini replacement, with an engine capacity of 848cc.

b) To avoid a speed restriction imposed on sub-1100cc cars using Swiss and Austrian autobahns.

c) Because of an incorrect annotation on a production drawing. The intended capacity was 1096cc, but a drawing office error gave the stroke as 63.2mm rather than 62.3mm.  The mistake went unnoticed until tooling was in production, at which point Rover management decided it didn’t matter.

d) To use up a large overstock of pistons intended for the discontinued S-series engine.


2. Time for ‘T’. which of the following are NOT Volkswagens?

Telluride – A big Kia SUV
Talento – Two unrelated generations of Fiat vans.
Tayto – An Irish brand of potato crisps
Talago – There’s a Volkswagen Talagon, but Talago is the invented name Rover used to register P6 prototypes.
Tiago – There’s a Volkswagen Taigo, but the Tiago is a Tata supermini.
Triber – A Renault SUV made and sold in India.
Tiburon – A Hyundai Coupe.
Tarraco – A SEAT SUV.


3. The Cryptic Six. The solutions are all car-related:

a) Donovan, deranged, shapes Audis (6). Lichte

b) Standard sending forms, without delay initially (6). Ensign

c) Old Riley, re-worked back to front, now mid-engined (6). Esprit

d) Saloon, attractive, swaps chip for the beginning of the end (8). Magnette

e) Game over in league, stuffing knocked out (8). Lacrosse (a Buick)

f) Reportedly remove skin of fruit (4). Pear (a Fisker)


4. Naked Attraction: four unclad cars. What are they with their clothes on?

(a) Rolls Royce Phantom VIII

(b) Renault 4

(c) Austin Healey Sprite Mk1

(d) Ford Zephyr Mk4


5. Odd Car Out: which is the misfit, and why?

The odd car out is the Carol, which was sold as an Autozam, the Mazda sub-brand that existed between 1989 and 1998, but was developed and built by Suzuki. The other three were sold as Suzukis, although they were designed and built by other manufacturers. 

The Chevrolet Celta was sold as the Suzuki Fun in Argentina between 2004 and 2011. The Nissan Navara was sold as the Suzuki Equator, a Navara / Frontier built in the Nissan Factory in Smyrna,Tennessee with a reworked front end, from 2008 to 2012. It was also sold in Canada from 2008 to 2010. The Toyota Corolla E210 has been sold in Europe from 2020 as the Suzuki Swace, built in Burnaston, UK with minimal alterations from the Toyota.


6. Who is this? Which major figure in the German automobile industry is commemorated by this statue?

a) Carl Borgward
b) Hans Glas: CEO of the German automaker that bore his name, which was taken over by BMW in 1966.
c) Fritz von Opel
d) Felix Wankel

Image: R Parazitas

7. What is wrong with this? From Car Magazine, May 1971.

It should read ‘turned through 180 degrees’. If you turn something through 360 degrees, it will be back where it started.

2 thoughts on “Fiendish Festive Teasers: Answers”

  1. I’ve no plans to tame the fiendishness, but might have a re-think for next years cryptic questions.

    Incidentally, the Phantom VIII ‘base unit’ pictured and the Hans Glas Denkmal are less than two kilometres apart. The Royce frame is artistically displayed in the courtyard of the Dingolfing Stadtmuseum, Hans is more or less directly north and across the Isar in Geratsberg.

    To the west is the BMW-Werke, which builds the Phantom bodywork.

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