6 thoughts on “Off the Grid: Answers”

  1. Good morning, Daniel. I had fun with this one. I came up with some other solutions 🙂

    The other way round

    Nova – Niva

    Different solutions

    Yaris – Fabia
    Rapier – Rapide
    Corsa – Cobra
    TF – TB
    Lupo – Logo
    Astra – Altea
    Kona – Bora
    Accord – Allard (I was not happy with Allard as it’s a make and not a model)
    Jazz – Lark
    Phaeton – Phantom
    Regata – Cerato
    Orion – Crown
    Auris – Punto
    Puma – Nemo
    Prius – Aries
    Up! – HPE
    Legend – Laguna
    Laguna – Carina
    Dino – Vito
    MII – Hai
    HS – LS
    Sharan – Avalon
    Snip – S Type
    ID – IS
    XF – FF
    Passat – Galant
    Montero – Sandero
    Omega – Thema
    Phantom – Elantra
    Bora – Colt
    Solo – Stag

    I had two solutions for the following

    Camry – Capri
    Mini – Dixi

    I had a few solutions that would fit twice. I had to clear those out:

    Evoque – Evante (I missed that one)
    Laguna – Carina
    Atlas – Axiam (I missed that one, I thought about it, but isn’t this a make rather than a model?)

    I missed these


    1. Dino – Mito
      Bora – Born
      Beta – Bora
      Baleno – Toledo
      Corsa – Croma
      Accent – Ascent
      Omega – Arena
      Solo – Sian
      Ghost – Grifo
      Jazz – Taos
      Pars – Taos
      Axiam – Atlas
      Ute – GTO
      SL – SZ
      SC – SM
      XF – TF
      TF – TL
      TA – TC
      HS – GS
      ID – IQ

  2. Good morning Freerk and gooddog. Excellent work on both your parts. I hope everyone had fun with this puzzle, as I had when creating it.

    Freerk, fair comment on Axiam. I thought when it was first launched it was simply ‘Axiam’ so both a make and a model name, but perhaps not? Incidentally, Axiam has produced some weird and wacky models, my favourite being the Mega Track, a sort of off-roading supercar:

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