A Longer Read

On our front page, we have drip-fed some of our more lasting obsessions in serialised form. For those with the stomach for it, we will start to offer them here as bumper single helpings.

Reconvening the Committee : In early 2014, Eóin Doyle challenged accepted wisdom in the genesis of the Jaguar XJ-S.



History Repeating – (XJ40 : 1972-1980) : Driven to Write’s biggest undertaking: an ambitious examination of the development and subsequent career of Jaguar’s most ambitious 1986 XJ saloon.


History Repeating – (XJ40 : 1980-1994) : The concluding part of DTW’s XJ40 epic.





First of Its Kind : Last of Its Kind : The W126 S-Class was not only a monument of automotive evolution, but a metaphor for a turbulent period of latter-day German history. Driven to Write plots its course.


The Great Curve : Two figures bestrode the UK’s serious early forays into automotive aerodynamics – Malcolm Sayer and Frank Costin. Neither have gained the wider recognition they deserve. We tell their stories.