A Longer Read

On our front page, we have drip-fed some of our more lasting obsessions in serialised form. For those with the stomach for it, we offer them here as bumper single helpings.

Reconvening the Committee : In early 2014, we challenged accepted wisdom in the genesis of the Jaguar XJ-S.



History Repeating – (XJ40 : 1972-1980) : Driven to Write’s largest undertaking: an ambitious examination of the development and subsequent career of Jaguar’s most ambitious 1986 XJ saloon. (In two parts)


History Repeating – (XJ40 : 1980-1994) : The concluding part of DTW’s XJ40 epic.





First of Its Kind : Last of Its Kind : The W126 S-Class was not only a monument of automotive evolution, but a metaphor for a turbulent period of latter-day German history. Driven to Write plots its course.


The Great Curve : Two figures bestrode the UK’s serious early forays into automotive aerodynamics – Malcolm Sayer and Frank Costin. Neither have gained the wider recognition they deserve. We tell their stories.


Trompe le Mondeo: We profile Jaguar’s X-Type. Does it deserve all the opprobrium heaped upon it?


Signs and Portents : We’ve all heard about the Lancia Gamma. But do we really understand it? Driven to Write sets the record straight.





Mutiny About the Bounty : Trojan Horse, dying gasp, expedience cast in neon, or simply a good car? The Triumph Acclaim placed in context.



On the Road to Fiesta : The 1976 Ford Fiesta marked a watershed for the Blue Oval. We examine its gestation in detail.