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Eóin Doyle is a writer currently living a bi-polar existence between the UK and Ireland. Co-founder and Editor of DTW, with overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the site, his all-encompassing interest in the automobile, the industry, its people and the stories that surround them has been a good deal more durable than the majority of vehicles he tends to champion.

Richard HerriottRichard Herriott lives in Denmark but not Copenhagen. He is a researcher and teacher in industrial design. His present car is a Peugeot 406. For nearly a decade a Peugeot 604 has been his dream alternative but each year the budget for buying such a car is spent instead on machine-made cigars of indifferent quality.


Daniel O’Callaghan is Irish but spent his working life in the UK. Now retired, he has returned to his native country and lives on the south coast. Daniel comes from neither an automotive nor journalistic background but has had a lifelong fascination with cars, particularly in terms of design and brand management. He drives a Mini Cooper and, when the sun is shining, a Porsche Boxster.

Andrew Miles has scaled heights from a rusty Mk2 Ford Escort to his current steed, a Volvo S90 – secular, luxurious transport. A predilection for music, literature and the avoidance of daily duties has done little to further his goal of becoming part of the motor industry; the nearest being two catastrophically failed interviews selling Alfa Romeos and Fords. Beguiled by practically anything four wheeled, he remains burdened by the search for balance; of time devoted to the study of the motor car with (almost) everything else secondary. Except beer.
SK IntroSimon A. Kearne is truly an icon in the world of transport publication. From the start of his career at 16 years of age as Goods Rolling Stock Reviewer for Modeller’s Monthly, he  moved seamlessly through the industry, including a spell at Jane’s Armoured Fighting Vehicles and a memorable period as assistant to legendary motoring journalist, Archie Vicar. Following his unexpected retirement as Editor of Duple Coach Magazine, the DTW founders were fortunate to secure his services. Our Consultant Editor, combining the iron will and relentless self-confidence of a cerise Rolls Phantom accelerating down a Moscow VIP lane with the predictability of a Chevrolet Corvair on a wet roundabout, Simon is both our touchstone and our forewarning.

Read Simon A. Kearne’s introduction to Driven to Write here


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