German Film Star

Part Two: The matinée idol’s lesser-appreciated sibling.


Like everybody else, Mercedes-Benz’s engineering teams had rather a lot to contend with by the late 1960s. Not simply developing the nascent W116 S-Class, the most ambitious and luxurious mainstream saloon yet to bear the three pointed star, or perfecting the advanced rotary-engined C111 prototype – in addition to ongoing developments for both conventional petrol and diesel powertrains, there was also a seemingly limitless tsunami of emissions and safety mandates emanating from the land of the free.

Facing large investments, and no small level of commercial risk associated with new model programmes, the Mercedes-Benz supervisory board are believed to have vetoed a proposal to Continue reading “German Film Star”

German Film Star

Part one: “It’s a glamourous world”.

Image: honest-john

In the field of creative endeavour, matters of an unintended nature often have an inconvenient habit of altering initial intentions, and while in some cases this may be to the detriment of the finished product, more often the outcome emerges simply as different.

This being so, it certainly would not be wildly inaccurate to Continue reading “German Film Star”

A Photo for Sunday: 1971-1981 Mercedes SLC

I don’t pretend to understand the byzantine model history of this car. Here is one, a mass of rust, held in place by thick, beautiful blue metallic paint.

1971-1981 Mercedes 450 SLC in Dublin. Immobile.
1971-1981 Mercedes 450 SLC in Dublin. Immobile.

Up until the point I looked at Wikipedia for clarification, I’d considered this as part of the Mercedes S-class family. It certainly looks grand and when you know it has a V8 engine, you know it means business. The underpinnings are derived from the W114 saloon while the replacement car, the SEC series was derived from the contemporary S-class. It’s a bit of an in between car then. Continue reading “A Photo for Sunday: 1971-1981 Mercedes SLC”