Dante’s Peak (Part Three)

Concluding the story of the Fiat 128 and its derivatives.

Image: serbiancarfans.wordpress.com

Italian production of the Fiat 128 came to an end in 1985, but the car lived on in modified form well into the 21st Century. The best known derivative was built in the former Yugoslavia by a division of Zastava, the state-owned armaments manufacturer. Zastava’s relationship with Fiat dated back to 1954, when an agreement was signed to manufacture the Italian company’s vehicles under licence at Zastava’s automobile plant in the city of Kragujevac(1). The most commercially significant of these was the Zastava 750 which, engine displacement apart, was largely identical to the Fiat 600. The 750 remained in production for thirty years until 1985.

By the late 1960s Zastava began looking for a more modern car to offer its customers and an agreement was reached with Fiat to Continue reading “Dante’s Peak (Part Three)”