DTW’s Car Of The Year 1975

Eoin’s recent article reminded me of other cars launched in 1975. Does anyone remember the Foden NC? But who can forget the Peugeot 604 and Ferrari 308GTB/GS?

1975 Foden NC: wikipedia .org
1975 Foden NC is not DTWs car of the year 1975 because it is not a car: wikipedia .org

The Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch twins emerged into the depths of the Malaise Era in the US, as did the AMC Pacer. The Lancia Montecarlo also turned up, more by accident than design as it was intended to be a Fiat. Had it been a Fiat doubtless its birth year might have been ’74 or ’73. Lancia needed time to add a grille and check the brakes were very dangerous. Continue reading “DTW’s Car Of The Year 1975”

1976 Simca 1307, Chrysler 150 and Talbot 1510 review

“Vive La Difference!” Archie Vicar compares some new products in the family sector, the Simca 1307, the Chrysler 150 and the Talbot 1510.

[Note: It has been drawn to our attention that significant parts of this article are factually incorrect.]

1976 Simca 1307
1976 Simca 1307

From The Motoring Weekly Gazette, October 1976. Photography by Terry Loftholdingswood. Owing to the poor quality of the original images, stock photos have been used.


All of a sudden there are three entirely new cars fresh on the market to rival the Ford Cortina, the Vauxhall Cavalier and the ancient Renault 16. From England comes the Talbot 1510: good day, sir! From France, we say bonjour to the Simca 1307. And we say “howdy” to the Chrysler 150 from the Americans. There would appear to be something for everyone’s taste here, I say. Continue reading “1976 Simca 1307, Chrysler 150 and Talbot 1510 review”