Torinese Marina – 1977 Fiat 132

Dud big Fiat or misunderstood mongrel? Lets get our feet wet, shall we?

All images taken from original Fiat sales material.

We should get a couple of provisos out of the way before I commence. Firstly, the 132 began its lengthy career in 1972, so by 1977, it had already entered its third iteration. Secondly, while I admit it’s probably a little unfair to directly compare Fiat’s big saloon with British Leyland’s cynically conceived Cortina-baiter, some compelling parallels do suggest themselves. Continue reading “Torinese Marina – 1977 Fiat 132”

Theme : Advertising – “Leyland Cars are not rubbish (except Jaguars)”

The spread we are looking at today dates from November 1977. In line with standard advertising practice it preys on the worries of consumers to make its case. Here is the text, neatly indicative of several prejudices of the day.

1977 Leyland Car´s Supercover advertisement
1977 Leyland Car´s Supercover advertisement

“Although man has come a long way since he invented the wheel, he hasn´t yet discovered a way of totally eliminating its deadliest enemy: the Gremlin.
And the gremlin´s favourite hunting ground is brand new cars.
That´s why at Leyland Cars we invented Supercover. With Supercover every new Leyland car is given a thorough 69-point check for lurking gremlins at the garage before it’s allowed to be sold.
And should a gremlin turn up on the road, with Supercover, you´ve the AA´s 2,850 strong team of radio patrol men to call on for assistance.
And if they can´t fix it in reasonable time, your car and your passengers are
transported free to wherever you were going in the mainland UK.
Superpower´s anti-gremlin protection lasts a full year with unlimited mileage and costs absolutely nothing. You can also extend Supercover´s full protection for a second year at low cost.
Man has yet to invent the perfect car.
But with Supercover, you can drive confident in the knowledge that you´re covered by the best back-up service offered by any of the world´s motor manufacturers.” Continue reading “Theme : Advertising – “Leyland Cars are not rubbish (except Jaguars)””