A photo for Sunday: 1979-1991 Mercedes SEC

It’s another Mercedes. Say what you like about them, they do last. 

1979-1991 Mercedes SEC
1979-1991 Mercedes SEC in central Dublin. What a fabulous colour. Is this car less serious because it’s golden bronze? I think not.

The caption for this image should be “parked up like it’s 1979.” Or 1983, to judge by the licence plate (is it British?). Up until the late 1990s it was possible to park creatively like this in Dublin, in lots of places. There were lane-ways where double-yellow lines had not been applied or where traffic wardens seldom went. I used to park on pavements if the need arose (but only pavements where nobody actually ever walked). I had a list of places where I could hide the car and not pay while in town. Continue reading “A photo for Sunday: 1979-1991 Mercedes SEC”