Anniversary Waltz 2017: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Driven to Waltz writes into 1977.

Image: carsbase

Whether it was Liz’s Jubilee, BL’s annus horriblis, the death of Elvis, the first space shuttle flight or the beginning of the Star Wars juggernaut, 1977 was a year of transitions. Even the music business reflected this, with Fleetwood Mac’s cocaine and divorce epic, Rumours topping the album charts while David Bowie (now off the white powder) offered the icy sheen of Low, a record which suggested a future (if not necessarily the future).

Meanwhile the auto business was still trying to make sense of a drastically  altered set of realities and perhaps beginning to Continue reading “Anniversary Waltz 2017: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow”

Design Details: Those Sagging Lines Explained

I have got the bottom of the mystery. At least I can sleep at night now.

1978 Opel Commodore with no sagging line:
1978 Opel Commodore with no sagging line:

A while back I ran small commentary on mysterious sagging lines on the side glass of 70s and 80s cars. This one was about the Mazda 1400 and this one showed the feature on the 1992 Mercedes S-classContinue reading “Design Details: Those Sagging Lines Explained”